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Tuula HarrisThe gates foundation along with Rotary international have together almost wiped out polio in the world. Only two countries still have polio otherwise the world’s children have been vaccinated against polio with the funds provided by the Gates and Rota… See More14 . Virginia GordonThanks to you & Bill for all you do to relieve the suffering of others and all you do to make this world a better place…….especially for those who don’t enjoy the blessings we have.23 . Chamika WeerasingheDo you most of developing countries are facing huge post pandemic effects now. There are lot of people lost their job and effected to countries economy.what is the plan of reputed global associations to develop or help those countries who are suffering… See More3 . Pamela ArnoneLeave the world alone!!! Enjoy your money!! You know, I really don’t see what you and hubby have done for humanity…you go into these poor countries and you’d think with all the money you have you would build some homes for the homeless and people liv… See More187  Fitness couple i choose you custom name poster and canvas

Fitness couple i choose you custom name poster and canvas

William MahesoTo you and your husband Bill is all about investment!You are getting more richer by the day but note here Melinda….Your time is coming25 . Rebecca HowardI want to add my thank you to Bill and Melinda Gates for all you do for World Health as well as the computers in my granddaughter’s classes. You are AMAZING!!!5 . Corneliu BravuReally? Glaxo Own the ‘Wuhan Lab’, so is Gates family bussines right? Also Pfizer is they`r too. What a coincidence. Hmmmm..11 . Viki Daviauwhy are their vaccines given to people in poor countries like africa ans india killing off people especially women and girls or rendering them incapable of having children. i don’t think that is caring for the people who live in the marginal communiti… See More31 . Bob SomarBill and Melinda Gates, they continue to buy up across the United States farm land, soon they will control the food supply.7 . Daskos Cosmos Comorien RtdTell your father and dr.fauci to let the World be safe with theire covide 19 wich the had create to trouble the World8  Fitness couple i choose you custom name poster and canvas

Fitness couple i choose you custom name poster and canvas

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