Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster


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Thank You for your contribution and your kindness. You are an example that rich with golden heart ..! Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster when we die we take nothing..! not a penny..!. I agree with you too. Soon the situation will change and we will be able to live a healthy life again. Thank you Mr Bill Gates . My husband died last year after living with Lewy Body Dementia for a number of years. I had an autopsy done of his brain and there was a finding of Alzheimer’s also and a third finding of oxygen deprivation damage (he had sleep apnea). I wonder what th… See More. I would love for people that do research, to survey old people, because I believe that coffee has a powerful substance that can prevent Alzheimer’s. There are a few old people I know that did not develop the illness and drank coffee everyday throughou… See More. Thank you Bill for being a good example of our better side.

Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster

Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster 1

Keep up the good work, don’t worry about the cult that criticise you, most of us are thankful for all you do saving lives.. I know you did a lot to contribute to make people’s lives better…. I am deaf and it would be cool if you add closed captions.. If there is one “good” thing about Covid is that it is showing that working together, sharing information, having focus, the learning curve about a disease and how to defeat if is much faster.. Respect your contribution to such initiatives through personal funding and more importantly providing thought leadership. . To understand the mechanisms of Alzheimer we need to define the difference between sens and perception. If we don’t do it, all the attempts are nothing.. sending you love mr gates…… i would like to apologize on behalf of humanity for the misguided idiots abusing you…….the only thing i would add to this post is……..can u lend me a couple of million quid please? i would like to spend it on musi… See More Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster

Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster

Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster 3

You cannot fix the pandemic until all have good health care so read the complete paper you have on the global pandemic and not one word mentioned that I could find on getting the only industrialized nation on earth to not have single payer health care … See More. believe it gates has got real data that can be incorporated in the real world todate to solve multiple problems affecting us. I would urge leaders to listen,watch and read some articles, journals,books, videos that his organization has published and pr… See More. Cooperation is the key to success, but will people and countries do it. Thanks for staying positive.. Didn’t know bill gates was a fan of Bono. There was one time I almost got his high school music teacher visiting from Ireland arrested by the Border Patrol. If you’re investing in Ai/Ar Teachers, talking to Albert about music education could help. If y… See More

Fishing To my dad so much of me is made from what poster 2

This is one of the most entertaining threads I’ve see….Very funny, filled with people who are loaded with ego, filled with criticism, on and on. Mr Gates may or may not welcome all of your advice, but at least you’re trying.. You have to invite me to this meeting. I would like to tell you what is the biggest problem and solution of the world. Respects.. Far better after 20 years .that has a big visionary and realistic statement for the dear children of God.For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.. You are role model for us please advise us how we will be u in the future???. COVID-19 has taught us what our future generation’s life will look like, or could be worse we actually experienced during this pandemic. How does one find your podcast? On UTube?. Please ser can I tell some of my favorite planning project couse I’m really that you will sponsor me in other way I take you like my last Hope’s couse for many people in my continent doesn’t share with me couse it’s so difficult for them

I believe the biggest truth is life on its own. Never ceasing. We are at the beginning of our leap into the Universe. Mars and then all. Little by little we will acustom to anything.. Respected Bill Gates Sir My heartly best wish to You for Your great welfare Work for the flora and fona.. Good evening sir,,Its Victor from Kenya,,I have been reading your story of how you started and where you are now as in the list of richest men in the world..Kindly answer me this from your perspective..what is destiny,fate?? Can family issues,tradition… See More. Hi billy, enjoy cleaning toilets in prison. You are so wealthy I bet you pay each one of your positive feedback. However you won’t need all that cash behind bars.. With due respect Mr Bill Gates that will be awesome for the world at large teaming up with Rashida Jones for this New podcast limited series,I would have love to be part of it facing the world and also for my continent Africa ,but am not Educated but I… See More

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