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Reading/listening to your book right now!!…inspiring!!!…for young folks to have access to this will be game changing for many of them…this clear insight to your decision making process makes for a very valuable educational experience …’be like … See More. With ZOOM he should be able to do this all over the country. Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster Our children need positive role models….. Such a generous gift I’m in Nashville Tennessee and I’m looking for my copy today. Thank you for continuing to inspire our younger generations, and me.. How lucky these students are, I’m sure it will have an impact.. You amaze me at how you show concern for others in so many ways! How I wish that our young people here in Mississippi could have the experience of a lifetime to see, talk and maybe touch a President! For them it seems like another world! For as you kno… See More. Cant watch you speak every time and not break into tears Sir! #BestPresident ever, thank you Sir!

Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster

Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster 1

Congratulations on your new book promised land, our best president. it would be great if all the middle school and high school kids get it for free not just CPS, CPS kinds are no more special than any other kids in our great country United States of A… See More. You are great.. how lucky these kids are – its so good to see you out and about these days -. My 5th grade students voted for you in 2008 Mr. President, and you won in my classroom!It was an incredible learning experience for ten year olds.What a treasure for the children!. do you see how your mere presence on the call lit up all these young faces.. your legacy is and will continue to be a light for america and for the world.. Seriously the best of example of what a president should act like! Thank you for making this country proud even out of office! Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster

Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster

Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster 3

You’ve been a positive influence on the Democratic Party more than anyone else. You’re a source of hope for Democrats and their candidates. Thank you Mr. President.. Looking forward to reading this. You are a shining light for progressive politics around the world. Barack Obama. I have a message to all those people in Georgia. Our very lives, the way we live and wish to live, is in your hands right now. Please , we are begging you to get out and vote in this very important runoff election to choose the senators of your choic… See More. I sent a little support to both of these Senate candidates because winning these Democratic seats will allow us to #MuteMcConnell and get some work done for the country. Let’s finish job for Joe and Kamala!
Play GIF. My Husband and I our both voting in the Runoff. Before this election my Husband always voted straight Republican ticket. Over the past months he got so disgusted and especially the last few weeks. He at first voted for a sane president and the rest his… See More

Fishing To my dad canvas prints and poster 2

Let’s Go Georgia!!!. Come on Georgia! Do the whole country a solid and flip the Senate.. Praying and Hoping Georgians get it right, again! It’s Imperative we flip the Senate! Maybe then, things can and will get done!. Yes! Doing my best with postcards to remind GA dems to request their absentee ballots and vote!. Dear sir this is evangelist Wanda matchett Cooper, there are a lot of young people that don’t understand they think they’re still voting for Biden in Georgia we need to help send reinforcements to help getting out and letting the people know what’s at … See More. Y’all go out and vote in even greater numbers than you did on Nov. 3rd. Wish I could help you out.. Republican Party doesn’t deserve to hold and power, including the control on the US senate.. Vote blue in January.. If President Biden had control of both houses imagine how many bills could pass without McConnell blocking them?

Thanks Mr. President. Someone worthy of the name Mr. President in a crazy time we live in today.
Please guys, follow Fancyread. You amaze me, sir. It has been so comforting to hear you speak and to see your face lately. You continue to think of others and to help them. I love you… not like Michelle loves you (I don’t want her coming after me!) Just a little joke… . Great interview Mr. President!! Thank you for all you are doing to influence young men in the community!!. I enjoyed the interview very much. Those young men were a testament to a program that really works.. It was a great interview to watch! I’m still proud of you & what you have done since leaving office!. You’re a great man. We all miss seeing you in the Oval. We are very happy to have Joe hold the same office you did. Thank you Mr. President.

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