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I sat yesterday thinking about today and how I’m not ready. As i sat I realized that the boys have literally been the best thing to happen to me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my best friend i have now. I literally met her the day of TIU premie… See More. My daughter is devastated she really though there would be a reunion. Probably when Louis received so many packages of carrots back in the video diary days. . I was a student when I first heard one direction’s songs. I remember being 11 and here one direction for the first time in the car with my mom and I fell in love instantly!!!. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since one direction has got together at boot camp on the x factor uk Finally my bitch face can rest mug I have been a fan since the beginning. I love you one direction.

Finally my bitch face can rest mug

Finally my bitch face can rest mug 1

Jordyn Nicole Hannah Grace and Cammy.. I will always love and support you guys !!! I been friends with Harry since 2012 . I seen the ups and downs and I have to say all the boys have managed their fame better than literally everyone in their era .. I WAS 12 WHEN EVERYTHING STARTED!!! AND I AM TURNING 22 TODAY. . When Harry leaves space for Zayn during Little things concert !!. I can’t mention just one, but the fact that I gained 7 of my best friends through them and their fun and games says it all. . I have been a fan since the beginning!!! I will always be a directioner!!! I will always support them as well! You guys are definitely missed! I love listening to your songs when they play on shuffle, they always bring a smile to my face and instantly … See More Finally my bitch face can rest mug

Finally my bitch face can rest mug

Finally my bitch face can rest mug 2

As if we didn’t know the lyrics to begin with . i’d rather be singing along at a reunion concert. i miss y’all so so much.. I love this song my favorite best of one direction love guys. This song is the pheromon which once engulfed me to One Direction . best song direction. I’m still hoping there’s a surprise zoom with the boys, even if it’s only 4 of them, on the last day of the celeb . Guysss we desperately want a reunion..but either way we will love you guys
….well we all just cant wait for the day when yourll say that yourll are coming back
..cause we really miss you guys as a band. I would celebrate it with the infinity video, but don’t upload it . can u add a sing a long version to the infinity mv when u release it. thanks but i don’t need the lyrics I got it

yes personalized mixtapes are cool but have you ever tried to release the infinity mv . I want special edition vinyls.. Favorite song steel my girl. WE NEED THE WORD COME BACK. Come back please I’m begging!. Mine hasnt worked to connect…. ive tried so many times. IF THERE IS NOT A NEW SONG ON THERE I WILL CRY. I can’t believe that tomorrow you’ll be active for the last time. Watching the where we are tour concert san siro now. Okay I appreciate this but please let us know if you’re gonna disappear again after the 1D week ends or not :'<. The last few times I tried it wouldn’t let me sign in. can we pls have the infinity music video. Have you guys thought of making the where we are concert movie into a live album?. If they aren’t coming back the less you can do is give us the infinity video and 18 remix studio version

I have so many favorite moments but tbh, I have to say ALL moments of 1D is my favorite. I can’t stop crying . Zayn leaving one direction is still a heartbreak.. When they opened the Where We are Tour in Colombia It was the first time I saw the band live. I’ll never forget that moment in my life. It was a 3-year dream and it was the best of my life. I’m still here supporting them.. Bringing tears… Growing with 1D…and songs like Diana and History on my Playlist still bring me chills! Love you guys. So proud and grateful for the music you have given us. I personally feel no other band has ever made the fans feel like we are a p… See More. So after 10 years we a got a 3-5 minute long video with voice overs from past interviews and the this is us film. Generally thought we deserved a little more

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