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I hate remakes, hopefully you can change my mind.. I’ve loved you since Spawn and Black dynamite. Terrible movie. Highly disappointed that MJW took this role. Blood and bone and Undisputed 2 are my shit and I love MJW. But this movie was trash.. Thank you Michael Jai White and JCVD for all the years of great action movies!!!. I normally enjoy his movies, but this one wasnt good at all. Gary Owens wasnt funny, and the fight scenes looked horrible.. This was much better than the original version. Actually van damm version wasnt a bomb it was a great movie. Martin Spokes. There are some people who say it’s better that the original with van damme it makes me laugh so much, let’s see the van damme film and next you will can judge, van damme will stay the best in this kind of films. I like the original and Micheal jai White is a great martial artist but I’ll watch it before judging Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster 1

I would have loved to see him in the Octagon. His striking and BJJ are phenomenal, not sure about wrestling defense but man the skills, speed, precision. . I usually never watch Netflix but I admire my boi so much that I might have to check this one out.. Since seeing Black Dynamite on release it was refreshing to see an action star with a genuine talent for comedy that didnt feel forced. I cant wait for The Outlaw Johnny Black.. Watching it now Mike! It would be nice to see you in a reboot of “Action Jackson”!. I hope there are good directors, scripts and vision that catapults him to the A List of Hollywood stardom. Maybe the next Black Panther…? Great fit.. It was cheesy but not to the point that my wife and I didnt enjoy it and she isnt into action films like I am.. Movie was awesome! Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster 2

Michael Jai White is a great actor!! I’ve been a fan since Spawn. He’s underrated and Deserves better Rolls!!. I don’t care what he is in I’m watching it ! He has skills !. Not on Netflix Canada unfortunately. Can’t wait to watch it. Was gonna rent it the other day PS4 rental… we see.. I didn’t like it, the vocal heavy hip hop music and weird editing ruined it for me. Not to mention the over dramatic or comedic acting.
Gillian’s fight was probably the best part of the whole movie as well as seeing my idol represent traditional martia… See More. My favorite martial arts action star on the big screen.You embody everything I wanna see in an action movie.Salute. My favorite martial art guy n actor. The best is Michael Jai. He is my favorite martial arts actor. I’ll watch anything TRMJW is in but lately I feel that the movies aren’t doing him justice… I’m still feeling the fight sequences though I hope he’s still doing his own choreography.

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble poster 2

I really love your movies try to catch them all for the amazing Martial arts.. Really enjoyed the original. Have yet to watch the remake. Hope it lives up to it. It was aiight. Wish some more known actors were in it. Its worth watching once.. I thought sudden death was a great movie…. perfect 80s/90s action film…. The van damme one was way better. This definitely looks like a b movie. I couldn’t finish it, it was so cheesy. And I’m a huge fan of micheal jai white.. This movie is a joke everything is bad in it… light, acting, fight scenes… completely missed…. It was okay, I believe Michael should be playing major movie roles in Hollywood, considering his martial art skills. Let’s keep it real , acting was horrible in this movie. He’s a great actor and action star but the cast around him made the movie suck.

I enjoyed it! But I must say Michael, your Blood & Bone movie is still my favorite of yours!. Movie was funny and good. He is probably the greatest action man in a movie I’ve ever seen but his acting is just terrible!. Is this on Netflix now. Just when I thought there wasn’t any movies to watch on there. Horrible movie. I enjoy his movies but this movie was barely watchable.. What movie is this I’ve been looking for it!. Not on netflix nz yet. Does this have any connection with JCVD’s ‘Sudden Death movie?’. Trailer looks that much similar.. You need to be the next Black Panther.. It was an ok movie but the acting was kinda of corny. This looks a lot like Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie “Sudden Death” in 1995. Wat r guys on about hese my idol my n inspiration to martial arts he’s an amazing actor n for your information he is a master belt in more then 5 dif martial arts

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