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I wish everyone would stop defining preexisting conditions as something only the old or sick have. We ALL have at least one, common, every day, usually overlooked thing that will be considered a preexisting condition; asthma, allergies, asthma only bro… See More. My husband and I both have preexisting conditions. We are on Medicare and I’m scared to death of how this will effect us and some of our close relatives and friends. The affordable care act definitely needs some help but to negate it entirely is a huge… See More. Kamala Harris you are a great speaker and I loved everything you talked about last night. You pointed out everything that we wanted to know for the amount of time you had to talk. You showed you could stand up against the best of the men to hold your… See More. Trump said during the debate for those with selective memories that some of Obama care was good parts bad. He is just wanting to fix the bad. Keep the existing conditions. Make it affordable for all no penalties and lower drug and medical costs. As we… See More Feminist Be strong be brave be humble be badass women poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble be badass women poster

Feminist Be strong be brave be humble be badass women poster 1

People out here bashing the Obamacare insurance but I tell you what I work in the medical industry and I’ve worked with cancer patients and if they didn’t have that Insurance they would not have been able to take their treatments. Those drugs are expen… See More. Can’t wait to vote for Biden/Harris on Oct 13th in Houston, TX! Texas will be a Blue State!. I Couldn’t Survive If I Didn’t Have The Affordable Act/Obamacare.. Thanks Mr. President ObamObama care. With Pre-existing Illness I Couldn’t Afford Health Insurance.. Looking Forward To Vote Biden/Harris.. That Could Continue With Obamacare.. Completely dishonest. Preexisting conditions are covered under Trumps health plan. The Affordable Care Act has turned hospitals into HMOs helping insurance companies control costs. The hospitals that participate get more money from the Federal Governm…Feminist Be strong be brave be humble be badass women poster.  WHITEHOUSE.GOV Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan | The White House. TRUMP IS NOT. According to private insurance, pretty much *everyone* has a preexisting condition. Everyone should have access to affordable health care, without trickery down the line. VOTE


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