Thank you. Our lives are more important than politics. Clearly Trump doesn’t care.. Thank you, Kamala Harris, for being responsible!! Praying that you remain COVID free and that those who tested positive are symptom-free.. This is what responsible adults do. They follow safety protocol and are honest about what is going on. I will pray for the health of all involved. . She doesnt need to campaign. Trump is going to lose by a majority anyways. Looks like she doesn’t want to answer the Biden and Hunter questions…she goes into hiding.. Imagine that a politician acting responsibly! Protecting the voter and the process, putting country in front of politics!. Censorship. The earmark of communism. Senate committee votes to subpoena CEOs of Facebook, Google and Twitter to testify on censoring communications involving recent email disclosures between Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, their connections with Ukraine a… . What what?? You don’t say! The Harris/Biden team must not take the virus seriously. Isn’t that what she accused Donald Trump of? Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A3

isn;t breaking and entering already a felony?!?!? Can you morons get anything accurate?. As a victim of an attempted home invasion and numerous property crimes, I feel for ANYONE who has to go through that. Regardless of party affiliation.. Whoever gets my Vote in this Election should realize that He is Not a Saint but was just Blessed with One More Vote.. Make government afraid of the people again . Let him out on cashless bail! Let him do it again and again and again. I cant believe CNN is not covering the NY Post front page of Biden and Hunter. Biden caught out right lying about he and Hunter’s China and Ukraine business dealings. Talk about collusion and Quid Pro Quo, confirming the 1 billion dollar deal and firi… . Was it the private residence of the governor or was it state owned?. I’d say the main issue here is, how’d he get past state police and why is there an unlocked door? After what almost happened in Michigan, every governor should be locked away when home. Scary Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

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Thank you Kamala for being and acting responsible! Something this administration has failed to do!. It is so refreshing seeing functioning adults behaving responsibly. A responsible decision. Making sure she and everyone else she comes into contact with is safe. She will make a fantastic VP.. Oh no but we will stay the course and we will get out in records numbers and Vote Blue Yes Biden and Harris 2020. I thought it didnt affect Democrats?. Its called being responsible!!!!. Meanwhile 45 is throwing masks in people’s faces and coughing covid all over his kid. Kamala should head to Biden’s basement for safety. She won’t have to lecture us on anything…. for Kamala’s camp !!!. I’m sorry that the people close to her have it and I hope she doesn’t get it, but I’m pretty sure Biden will miraculously get it so he doesnt have to debate again or be in the public eye!

Farm Cattle be strong be brave be humble be badass poster- A1

Cant she fly solo, she can borrow Pelosi’s broom.. How come nobody is saying to vote for Biden because of his 47 years of accomplishments in office? Even his ads don’t mention any of his accomplishments.. I thought masks were the answer. Its called being responsible! As for trump still having those super spreaders like the one yesterday in Iowa. Thank you Kamela for your service!. This virus is not hoax! Sensible people take the necessary precautions instead of being tempted by the limelight! Praying for you soon to be Vice President Harris!. But I thought it only affected Republicans? . Leaders lead, set an example, follow scientific guidelines. Trump could have been as sensible and caring towards his base, but, no, so Covid-19 has cost Trump his 2nd term.. They should be very careful! Make sure that everyone that is in their campaign isn’t working for Trumpocana!! Just may try to purposely spread it to them

Wow. This is what responsibile leaders do. Instead of holding rallies and becoming super spreaders.. Aka she doesn’t want to answer questions until lamestream media buries the story about the Biden family crime syndicate… extremely responsible.. Man, just imagine…these people are protected and their staff is tested….and the virus gets to them…it looks like everybody has the virus. Maybe it was the elevator she got into with the 6 other people to hide from the packing of the court question. . I’m glad at least she is being responsible about dealing with COVID.. Why are people laughing at this? This is what a true leader does. I question someone’s morals who is laughing.. People are so cruel why the laughing emoji’s. Why do adults act like children? Be more of an example that’s what needed these trying times.. Thank you Biden-Harris campaign for doing the responsible thing given the circumstances. Cant wait for you to soon assume the presidency and provide this country with real respectable leadership again, ridding us of this atrocity Trump.

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