As the country opens up, of course there will be more cases. Stop living in fear. Use common sense. Protect yourself and try to live as normally as possible.. With so many people getting letters that theyre positive WITHOUT being tested, I’ve lost all confidence in the accuracy of the numbers.. If we had never shut down, then we’d all have herd immunity by now. Why delay it?. Please. Please wear a mask and don’t congregate in closed spaces. Act like YOU have the virus and don’t want to give it to others. If we all do this, we can make it though the winter. We just have to hold on a bit longer.. All from Joe and Harris doing road trips. They should have just handed out Meth and Fentanyl like Nancy Pelosi does!. Go hide in the closest! Be afraid to come out!. Looks like they need to put those one way signs back up at Wal-Mart. Fall Guys christmas sweater and jumper

Fall Guys christmas sweater

Fall Guys christmas sweater- pic 1

I’ll watch tonight hoping I’ll get a better understanding of this lady. I didn’t like her very much.. Have you ever considered what you would do as First Lady? I would like to take in the recovery of these towns or places that have been destroyed by storms, fires, whatever. They need more help than FEMA can provide.. love all of these specials, we have celebrated some amazing women as first ladies .. She would have loved having a cellphone. well nothing has changed today,,people cant live without their phones. This show is sure getting a lot of advertising out there. … no interest here, sorry. I’ll be just scrolling past these posts. Scott Phillips- unless you’re a deranged left nut job. More Voters Say They’re Better off under Trump than When Obama, Bush Sought Re-election: Gallup Poll. More bias……where is the current first lady?. She said cannabis would kill me Fall Guys christmas sweater

Fall Guys christmas sweater

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It is tragic that we fail to learn from the past and listen to experts who are trying desperately to help us. Care for each other, people. Wear the mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands. Its not that hard. We need to buy time until an effectiv… . Quit equating the word freedom with not wearing a mask, you are doing yourself and your country a disservice.. It’s not fear mongering, it is called information. You know, so that you can make informed decisions about how you can protect yourself and OTHERS(if you care to think of someone other than yourself). Predicted by those who want to keep this nation living in fear, and try to detour as many people as possible, from going to the voting polls. If only we had a federal leadership focused on helping the citizens… instead of pushing herd immunity.” How many are we willing to sacrifice?

I refuse to live in fear. I choose instead to respect the health of my fellow Americans and wear a mask etc. I work a very high-risk frontline job, so I don’t socialize at all when I am not working. And I will continue this for as long as needed. It’s … . Wait until one of you or your loved ones get the virus. Your opinion might change. My 20 yr old granddaughter that worked at a nursing home had it for 6 weeks. My 65 yr old cousin has it and its not looking good. It’s affecting his kidneys. You won’t … See More. Just in time for the election the fear mongering media strikes again. Sorry, but we will still be voting in person.. I love how people think this is somehow political. Because I guess the virus knows we have an election coming up? Give me a break! How ignorant can you be? It’s a virus, not a political party!

Hey cnn, why dont you run a real story? Hunter Biden selling access to the White House and the V.P. to gain favors from china and the ukraine. The biden’s corruption ran deep with the blessing from obama. The big tech doesn’t want you to know the real… . This dictator trump pushing racist agenda on blacks latino Mexican Jews asia. Ahhh the reagans, the only other political dynasty that comes close to the level of corruption and failure of the trumps.. Be careful Facebook might suspend your account. Oooh that’s right only if you are conservative do you face retaliation. Side note, what you cheer today you hate tomorrow. If biden is elected, jobs will be lost, monies will be lost, AMERICA WILL BE L… See More. I feel really bad for Trump supportersthere is NO CHANCE of him being re-elected…some of his supporters are not bad people and Republicans also used to be good people before this era but Trump has lost the elderly and Biden is blowing him out in e… See More

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