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Jerry SellersWell the Jumbo Bimbo cost Georgia $100 million and really hurt small businesses. Just think of the poor decisions she’d make if she were Governor 18 . Karen Wicker”Hold Fast” Stay Focus. “The ARC of Moral Universe is long, but leans on the side of JUSTICE.” Much like a story in biblical ramifications, God has a specific PLAN, and we WILL see it later in words such as this-“So it came to pass.” For those who sti… See More2 . Sylvia ScottDr king would turn over in his grave. Everything he worked for and Stacey is destroying. Black people know how to vote we are not stupid. So sick of this crow garbage. The new bill has made voting honest and no one should be afraid of honesty. 11 . Jeannie S KingAbrams has cost the minority business owner a very big loss. Happy about that??16 . Bob Julia Jansen80% of Americans want Voter ID Times are changing. Election Integrity will be restored. Soft bigotry is when people think minorities aren’t smart enough to vote unless LIBERAL’S help them. They are actually insulted when you ask them.9  Evil eye doormat

Evil eye doormat

Stauros StephanidesDon’t be surprised if they try to throw out votes from people receiving water or food on lines. Or having the police take them off the lines if they accept something to drink or eat. It opens up the door for them to say that those were illegal voters. 5 . Kevin MallThis woman cost her state over $100 Million dollars revenue based on lies and politics. Think about that for a long minute…14 . Tammy LynnRead the bill! Voter suppression? Ridiculous. An ID is needed for everything. If someone doesn’t have an ID, they have time to go get one and vote. Stacey Abrams should love this bill, she cried foul for her election. And for what she has done to GA, c… See More11 . Finn AprilStacey Abrams pushed misinformation and is to blame for all the small businesses losing income due to the all star game being taken away. 12  Evil eye doormat

Evil eye doormat

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