Everything before coffee is a moo point mug


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Positive energy and positive life bless u. Well I guess you are set and with the great smile on your face , I will take a wild guess your birthday . Hey ZENDA its MY SISTER BDAY TODAY Everything before coffee is a moo point mug PLS CARE TO SEND A SHOUT WITH A VID. Happy birthday zendaya woot woot woot party in the house glad you had a wonderful day big fan enjoy your music love you. Im going to make you my wife one day….Happy Bday btw. I WAS JUSS GOING TO GET UP AND GET SUM ICE CREAM TO “CELBRATE” UR ‘BIRTHDAY CHILE…!!!….LOL…HAPPY BIRTHDAY”…!!!!!…….LOL…SMH…SEECH. To much sweetness… .. People going to have diabetes from this pic… .. Good to see you had awesome birthday @ zendya…. Girl you’ve been celebrating your b day for a whole week. You should just mark ten days off the calendar as yours.Hehe. Happy birthday big girl enjoyed your day

Everything before coffee is a moo point mug

Everything before coffee is a moo point mug 1

So beautiful!! And happy birthday to you I love you so much # God bless. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to u sweet cakes,u will forever be my fav. Nice o yea. I wish I can make your birthday sweeter than that!!. Happy Birthday Beautiful many more with blessings. My son has the biggest crush on you! He said, “oh no mom Zendaya is 21, I’ll never get to date her now.” . I know that I’m late, but Happy Birthday Zendaya.. Happy birthday zendaya, I love you so much . Happy Birthday Zendaya!! Have a great day!! May God Bless you!! . Happy Birthday baby!!!!! Sending you love, light and happiness always baby!!!!! Everything before coffee is a moo point mug !!!!! . I love you zendaya n happy birthday mwaaah lol. Happy Birthday September Baby . God said that we’re supposed to be able to have fun with her daughter kristian sorry but I ain’t sorry I ain’t thinking bout street journal reported on the internet maturity conetent

BEST Everything before coffee is a moo point mug

Everything before coffee is a moo point mug 3

Happy ZenDay
You are Always Beautiful. Happy birthday! You are an amazing young lady!. How I celebrated my 21st birthday was I worked till 4pm got home had a shot of tequila with my mom and brothers, vowed to never try tequila again cause it’s disgusting and went to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Happy Birthday Zendaya, wishing you God’s many blessings on your special day. Enjoy!. Happy 21st birthday Zendaya, it’s also my 21st birthday on Tuesday next week.. I love you,happy birthday Zandaya. OMG Happy Birthday Zendaya and I watch you and Bruno Mars in a music video Versace On The Floor. Enjoy being 21 its good but take one day at a time. Happy birthday, little lady!!! Cannot wait to see you in The Greatest Showman!. OMG, and today 15 of september is the independence of mexico, congratulations, i love u so much . HBD ! my dear and have a nice , cool day , luv yah xxx

Everything before coffee is a moo point mug 2

Wow we actually share same month . I love you. Hoter than the sun. Happy birthday zendaya lol,we are the same age. Happy birthday …Can’t believe we share the same month …Love u Zendaya . Ms Coleman tryed too reach you yesterday no answer? Happy birthday anyway cuzzo .. Omg my wife happy birthday . Happy Birthday!. Happy Birthday you beautiful soul! Love you so much!. Sorry Z but it seems like you are getting more and more skinny please pay attention. We like you healthy!!. happy birthday too you. Wifee. Keep it Undercover…………. Happy birthday Zendaya i love youuuuu i’m from Italy . So Perfect!. Happy birthday zendaya love you so much xx. Happy Birthday Zendaya, you are truly a role model! . Ur birthday is the day before mines mines is tmm happy birthday . Crazy Fun self on your Birthday lol Happy Birthday Zendaya Hugs. Looks like you had a great birthday on the 1st.

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