Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster


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I voted in person today, it feels really good to get it done early! Let’s do this!. And he’s not a Covidiot. You forgot to mention his opponent is a HUGE Covidiot.. It’s exciting to hear from obama,his opinion counts.He has support for joe biden.. I consider Franklin Roosevelt, the greatest American president in all times, along with George Washington. He contributed immensely to the advancement of our country, which we see as great and strong. These people really will not find like them because… See More. Joe Biden will make America Great again!. Okay, so y’all want the country to shut down. Jobs will be lost. I’d don’t understand how you can have both.. I don’t think so he’s a far far left he will destroy this country because he won’t be running it the far left will. I remember the 90’s and the Clinton years! My parents along with everyone they knew were doing well. Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 1

This chart clearly illustrates why it is so important to vote BLUE!. Anyone else seeing the trend in this image? Aside from Reagan, the Republican presidents have overseen very little job growth during their terms compared to Democratic presidents (and we probably shouldn’t count Kennedy and Ford, due to their short ter… See More. Obviously trumps chart shows some other wacky figures,he sais hes the largest growth maker,that is growth of viruses. Imagine what we could have done over the past 4 years with a Clinton in office?. If it’s anything like your crossfire hurricane plan the American people will not only pass, but demand his indictment as well as yours!. Interesting, he never mentioned a plan of any kind when he’s had the chance.. Biden. Yes, l believe he can do it. He will build Joe hand in hand with Camilla Harris, economically reboost America and free of pandamic. So people of America should vote this in reality. Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 3

People out here bashing the Obamacare insurance but I tell you what I work in the medical industry and I’ve worked with cancer patients and if they didn’t have that Insurance they would not have been able to take their treatments. Those drugs are expen… See More. Can’t wait to vote for Biden/Harris on Oct 13th in Houston, TX! Texas will be a Blue State!. I Couldn’t Survive If I Didn’t Have The Affordable Act/Obamacare.. Thanks Mr. President ObamObama care. With Pre-existing Illness I Couldn’t Afford Health Insurance.. Looking Forward To Vote Biden/Harris.. That Could Continue With Obamacare.. Completely dishonest. Preexisting conditions are covered under Trumps health plan. The Affordable Care Act has turned hospitals into HMOs helping insurance companies control costs. The hospitals that participate get more money from the Federal Governm… See More
Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan | The White House. TRUMP IS NOT. According to private insurance, pretty much *everyone* has a preexisting condition. Everyone should have access to affordable health care, without trickery down the line. VOTE

Elephants Be strong be brave be humble be badass poster 2

We miss you and your family so much. When we vote the current reality show out of office,, please help us put morality, honesty and ethics back in our government.. I wish I was an American, but I’m not. If I was an American however, my vote would go for Joe Biden. I can’t understand why such a wonderful country can find itself in such chaos. God bless America ! Always ! I’ve been after all my American friends to … See More. Thank you for the concern and trust words you have provided through difficult times. We “the people” are worry too. We need to Vote. Voting for Joe Biden is the only way.. Now that’s a TRUE First Lady, one who cares, respects and exemplifies what we have become accustomed to from former First Lady’s Of The United States……..VOTE For Decency and Character……..Biden / Harris . Honest, brilliant, compassionate. This is why she is called the closer.

Wondering what the job growth was before COVID. Does anyone care about that? Seems like those facts don’t matter.. That’s a bit unfair though since the current administration is dealing with a Pandemic. Not that I like him, but let’s try to keep that in mind.. If America chooses Trump again then it would be a downfall of the great country, America would lose respect internationally! Go vote. Joe Biden has no plan, Hes a puppet for the rest of the party the has a Hidden Agenda that our country is not gonna like. let’s not forget what Covid has done to every country .. this is much worst now in other developed countries … Then why doesn’t he talk about his plans. I want to hear what he has planned.. Thank you for this supportive testimony dear President Obama! You are a real blessing Mr. President.. I am beginning to see the light in the cracks…you got this American neighbours and closest Allies…Biden/Harris

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