Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster


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Happy Birthday Vin! Can’t wait for Furious 9 to come out.. Well now I know for a fact that Vin Diesel isn’t personally posting because there’s no way he talks like that. “This ride is FIRE”. The best month for Birthday celebrations! Have a great one!. Happy birthday beautiful you’re my favorite actor I love fast and furious all of them every single one of them except for the one where Paul loses his life that. Happy birthday Vin! Love all of the movies. Looking forward to this one.. Happy birthday mine is the 20th you are a Cancer and a moonchild so cool. My 15 year old son has it bad for this car. Happy birthday mr. vin. Fast and the furious movie are not the same without you.. Happy Birthday Vin , wish you all happiness in your life , you are so amazing person, very talented and you became icon . we’re waiting for f&f9 , we all love you here from Egypt Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 3

Very heart breaking action movie,excitedly waiting…. Come check out Eastern Oregon look me up I would love to be a tour friend request me I am serious about Easten Oregon being beautiful be as well as I would love to have a opportunity to meet you in person Merry Christmas did you have the flag made in B… See More. This is a great movie. All was very amazing. But the end of the movie was so sad. All knewed that in real life Paul is dead and it is a good bye for ever in life. But Vin has now two Guardian Angels. His own angel und his brother Paul. . Well said Mark, is it possible for you to text me on messenger?. I would like them to bring back Hans, he could of had a brother or cousin or by some miracle he did not die in the crash! Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 2

I love the ride too . So looking forward to FF9. A very happy birthday, enjoy it with your family Vin xxx. Happy birthday- you share my daughters day !. Happy Birthday Vin Diesel… Luv all the movies.. My favorite are the Fast & Furious Series…. And miss Paul Walker he was awsome as well… God bless….. Happy Birthday Vin xxx was my birthday on Monday. My family and I, 3 generations of us, love you and your movies! Thank you for sharing your great talents with us! May your Birthday Blessings last Forever!!. Yes happy birthday! Can’t wait for the next fast movie to hit. Happy Birthday Vin! . HAPPY birthday love ride to the fullest . Happy Birthday! I wish you health, happiness, luck and unforgettable moments with your loved ones!. Robbie Edwards Millner. Happy birthday from Brisbane Australia. Love this franchise and the whole range of your work Vin.

Drum Be Strong Be Brave Be Humble Be Badass Poster 1

Happy birthday Vin. Love going out to u from Belfast, Northern Ireland.. Very cool! You should bring it to cruise night in West Fargo ND!. Happy Birthday to you Vin and God bless you. Hope that your day was real enjoyable for you. Can’t wait for the fast Nine. Or whatever they’re going too call it??. Happy birthday sir… admiring that beauty behind you . Happy birthday Vin! Thank you for being such a great brother to the whole fast family and keeping Paul’s memory alive in everything that you do. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are. May god bless you all! . Happy Birthday! When will we see Riddick again?. Happy bday !!! I have followed F&F since day 1!!! I still. Happy birthday big man from robbie in the UK,I hope you have a incredible day. Happy birthday vin, i named my 2 year old son dominic after your character. I found out a few week after he was born that his actual due date was your birthday. What a twist of fate. Always been a huge fan my 11 year old husky is called diesel also

Congratulations and love the franchise! I am happy to see the accolades to the rest of the cast and crew as well as the remembrance of Paul Walker. You never forget his mention and always keep it humble.. I’m going to pick tomatoes – some fresh and some rotten.. Ur welcome ur A great person n dad. I love the fast n furious Movies. Congratulations from Lori n Bastrop Texas. Congratulations to you for the award . Congratulations my friend, love . Your the Man yes we love your hard work and miss Paul Walker to so have a good safe time on the set!. Congrats to Vin! Here’s a break down of one of the most iconic moments from Furious 7: Congratulations to you and everyone in the Fast/Furious Franchise! Y’all deserve it! God bless you all !!! . Congratulations you deserve , you amazing man and beautiful soul god bless you always
I love you my handsome sexy man Vin Diesel

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