Dragonfly what a wonderful world lyrics poster


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Karl V. WeberWill smith amazing guy wish I could meet him one day7 . Cor SchenkenbergAnd now…… find the movie star.. we have next week Will Smith week on TV in the Netherlands. MIB l – ll – lll for the 344 th time, but ok we manage it.5 . Steve KingI finally just got around too watching bad boys for life loved it just like all of the others..the man has still got it love all of your movies keep up the good work . Klemzi KlmHe still got it haha. You can see his not serious by looking how his lips move haha. And he makes this “face”. Funny as always :FD1 . Elaine MorrisonMovie star: Never irritate your pilot. Seriously, we don’t think well or react with beautiful precision when passengers irritate the one concentrating on keeping them alive. You’re welcome. 2 . Kathy LomanYou sure messed up on a lot of those rules Will 6  Dragonfly what a wonderful world lyrics poster

Dragonfly what a wonderful world lyrics poster

Alex RiveraI JUST SAW THE MOVIE. I AM LEGEND ON NETFLIX. IT SHINES BRIGHT IN THE DARKNESS ON TODAYS VIRUS PROBLEMS. 2021. SEE THIS MOVIE. WILL SMITH DID A GREAT PERFORMANCE. AND HIS DOG IS COOL TOO.Pause GIFGIPHY8 . Jenn SniderI am a firm believer that rules are made to be broken. Movie “stars” need to step off their high horses. 11 . Brandon MengRule #1 while being around a movie star, treat them like an equal because they’re nothing special they are not a firefighter, a paramedic, or a soldier, they’re just a person that lives a regular job.4 . John ChristopherI happened to meet will smith once. His wifes band was playing at ozfest and he got off the tour bus and was nice enuff to take pics and converse with me and ths guys i worked with.2 . Carolyn ProdyI hope he is kidding! He is awesome! I hope he is not one of those self-absorbed stars like William Shatner or Katherine Heigl or Christian Bale.9  Dragonfly what a wonderful world lyrics poster

Dragonfly what a wonderful world lyrics poster

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