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I made a gift for you someday. Maybe you would like to finish painting it. The only thing about this gift, well lets just say its a knife. It’s up to you someday. The opportunity is there if you want a friend. Make a swing my way, I think you could hav… See More. Proud of you my young friend you are quite an amazing and beautiful young lady. Keep up the good work and God Bless.. Hey Zendaya, I know you probably won’t read this and that’s okay. I just wanted to let you know how much The Greatest Showman has affected my life. I never thought I would say that a movie would have such an impact. The thing is, the sound track spoke … See More. That was very true of you plus Inspiring also if you have a dream you chase right after it and thats what i like about you DRAGON YOUR BUTT NAPKINS MY LADY POSTER

Dragon your butt napkins my lady poster

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Hay Zendaya, my name is Jason J. I’m not just trying to live off love and looking for that sweet home. Me as Jason had some thoughts lately about you and I don;t know what your feeling for a new friend or more. I’ve beeen stumped here and there, bu… See More. want a dope art/cartoon of yourself, album cover, logo, mixtape cover, and more at cheaper prices, DM me now @cruzzyjones_art Don’t forget to check out my wall. #art #trapartistes #artists #artistes. Can you come visit towns county middle school in 6th grade please I would love to meet you Zendaya!!. I saw your visit on the OUSD fb page (I teach at Oakland High School). I told my kids about it, and, even though I wasn’t even at the same school as you, my kids thought I was so cool because we were in the same city that day. LOL DRAGON YOUR BUTT NAPKINS MY LADY POSTER

Dragon your butt napkins my lady poster

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I’ve said from the first time we met… you are a great inspiration to people… young and old. Love You Zendaya. Hey my name is karla vanessa muniz. Im not a very important person so of course you wont know me but i follow your page on instagram (follow back @_nessa_m.a) i love your work as well as your shows. I am reaching out to you because i know youre all abo… See More. I finally found her new Facebook page I kept getting sent to her old one I know where fruitvale elementary is I used to live in Oakland grew up there this is big news Zendaya visiting the students. Hello Guys! On my page Sims 4 Topmodel you can be part of a community project. You can vote for your favorite model in a shooting – you decide who is going to win. You can also create models for the next season!

Dragon your butt napkins my lady poster 1

Zendaya asoesatititosiyo.. I love gal gadot for wonder woman n u amazing in spider man. Next president woman Zendaya. how are you tall? . undefined. I love you. undefined. undefined. undefined. I.love you. Watsp. Nmber. Send. I LOVE THAT DRESS. You look stunning . vimeo.com/377610308
Vibes. Hopefully Oprah didn’t pimp you to her buddies Weinstein and Epstein . Hi Zendaya,. Zendaya Coleman is NOT exclusively black or white, she is Biracial.. Reese Witherspoon has three legs in this. Zendaya truthfully you have the most beautifullest soul in the entire world. There’s a reason millions look up to you! You’re flawless and mature for your age, never let anyone tell you who you are, you write your own story. I love you from the bottom … See More. Watched her in Spiderman and Greatest Showman in the same day and was like WHAAAAAAT??? Simply amazing performance in g.s. singing, dancing, acrobatting(?). Goddess!

Look at the leading lady in all the Movies she wants and maybe I a t right I romance novel of love be a movie in all respect. Wow,that is a lot of talent on one stage, it would be a great honor for sure. Work it lovely. Sweet star’s in sweet real life believe sweet good’s in real life believe. I love all ur movie’s Zendaya u are my inspiration. u are standing with some. Oh no, some of the worst evil people in the world in this photo with you . Hot like a sun and beautiful. Zendaya’s is amazing and love. Wow Like i The picture
Pause GIF. Good night

. Cooling as usaul Laundry and lockdown. Can I be a falcon crest picture with you. Hi Zendaya Did you get my book? If not please ask your agent as it was couriered over for you months ago!

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