Because so many people of ignore the mandatory part. That is like saying the rules of the road should be ignored because the are accidents anyway. Or doctors are useless because people still get sick and die.. Melanie Ru. In African countries life is moving on ,with or without COVID . Airborne disease . The only way we can deal with this covid is a effective vaccine that’s it nothing Else really works that bug gets through what ever we thro at it. Yet here in the US we have 130,000 per day and 50% of the people do not care at all and will follow no guidelines.. Not even flu season in Australia, strange.. Meanwhile, in the US. Goodluck Australia Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster from Britain . What about instead of locking down all countries and nations, shield those in high risk and those with mild or no symptoms leave live normal life?

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Jenny Cattell. Jason Missole. Penelope Hughes-Narborough. they have had at least 59 cases in the last week and have had a steady rise for weeks.. So I wonder if Peta Credlin will now come down to SA and start grilling the Premier there over hotel quarantine as she has done in Vic with Dan Andrews?. Peter Harding. Proof that the virus will spread whatever measures are taken.. He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear Allahs revelations being rejected, or ridiculed, do not sit with them until they engage in some other subject. Otherwise, you would be like them. Allah will gather the hypocrites and the disbeliev… . It seems to be a world wide problem lockdown open up new cases. The virus has pathways Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lord poster .knew his own nest.. Lol.. Thankfully they’re going into summer now so hopefully fewer cases.. yes to wear face mask always for safety

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Just goes to prove that this virus is not controllable by any of our efforts – masks, lockdowns and still it rises again! We cannot beat it sadly. We have to learn to live with it and let people get on with their lives. The average age of death is 82… . Lockdowns dont work but just bring economic collapse, mental problems, death, hypertension, diabetes, stroke etc. When u lock people it creates a sense of we are doing well but not in reality. Scientists must find out how the virus disappears in lockd… See More. People getting 0.0007% killer flu. So last year. Eye roll.. Sad to read this as Australia have done so well. Hopefully they will be able to contain it.. Wonderful efforts .. There are countries that forgot that there is a virus called Corona virus. Australia go on high alert after 17 cases, we mess about on what to do with 17,000 daily new cases in the UK.. No wonder we’ve 1 of the highest death rates! Oh dear uncle Boris

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Jude Toler. It must be stopped, because the harm can be irreparable. The only way to put a lid on this is to stop palm oil directly or indirectly if one is prepared to accept the economic consequences, both locally and internationally. The age old supply and demand equation Oh no greed knows no boundaries this is heartbreaking. devastating. Check labels and consume mostly unprocessed food. It’s in so many products.. THIS IS OLD INFORMATION BUT ANY WAY IS ALWAYS ACTUAL TILL WE DO SOMETHING -NOT ONLY REPORT………………….. Every continent has their own sociopathic rich that couldnt care less about the future and the environment or the effect on people’s lives as long as they are making money.. Just ban palm oil from Indonesia!. What products have palm oil in so we can boycott them and the company’s ?. This should be punishable. the market” cannot regulate such crimes.. Stop buying anything that contains palm oil, it’s not good for you anyway. I check contents on labels when buying anything.

Not at all similar. There is no one state that could flip and change results. Also no single state was this close.. It was so very sad & maddening. It was clear Gore was being scammed by the GOP & their tame officials.. It wasnt decided by the courts, it was decided by the voters under rule of law. Can’t selectively recount only in counties you are getting 80-90% of the vote, and try to count ballots with no votes indicated. It means the law that was in place befor… . The situation is totally different. Apples & oranges. The SCOTUS won’t be deciding this one. Clickbait.. Amazing how many Republicans continue to cry about losing like babies.
How can you support the most unpatriotic president of all time !!!. And Trump think it would be the same now – Trump is doing an opera at TV – he is far from the Reality

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