Amazing watching it go up into space with my kids! May GOD bless the crew in their journey and their safe return. . It was quite thrilling! I watched this live last night in The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. Well done guys! Safe journey and a safe return!. I some times find it a bit ironic that the country who put a man on the moon. In that same country anti-science creationist drivel is allowed in science textbooks.. What a beautiful sight to be with friends on the lake and watch this. Moved from California to Florida last year.. So people are being evicted out of their homes/apartments in the middle of the pandemic and cold weather , small businesses are closing etc but we are sending humans to the moon/space?? Like cant this wait as we divert these resources to what is most … . The 4 astronauts if not for their family they have left behind i would have wish they never return because here on earth we are still dealing with covid which to me it’s actual cause & origin is still unknown & who knows the virus they will be bringing… See More Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster

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Never mind that! My whole family(including all of the family members who don’t live in this household)have decided to stay home and do a virtual family Thanksgiving celebration this year. We still want to have fun but we also don’t want anyone getting infected with covid. 1 Of my cousins recently got really sick from covid. And even though no one in my family has any health issues, both of my grandparents in their 90’s and she lives in memory care and he lives in assisted living. The facilities don’t allow their residents to go out for right now anyways.. Just say you dont want to die so you’re having an immediate family get together is, the ones who live in the house only. Stay safe.. Well what’s the current daily infection rate? 140,000 a day? Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my liege poster Proud boys running around Washington = big increase in infection amongst them coming up. Maybe no one minds about that. Big number of people travelling to celebrate thanksgiving and seeing family. = big increase of covid spread. Infection can show up in next 2 weeks, and 2 weeks after that hospitalisation. So 3-4 weeks after a big death rate increase. So anyone seeing elderly relatives be aware it might be your last chance. It would be good if people could get a test before so they would be sure they are not spreading it to their loved ones. Very sad situation.

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Thank you for the invitation , Im staying home this holiday hopefully next year we can celebrate together .
I do wish you a good day , stay safe ….love you ! That simple . Idk, maybe pointing out the fact the US has the highest infection rates during a once in a lifetime pandemic should be sufficient enough. Don’t even think of skipping Thanksgiving, do a virtual family event instead. Have fun.. Easy, just say that we are isolating this year so that everyone is still here to enjoy Thanksgiving in 2021.. How are so many people catching these droplets so fast , they would have to deliberately caugh and sneeze on each other…. really?. never mind that, think long and hard about the person who invites you to a large gathering during a pandemic, the eff is wrong with them. Plain no thanks. I want to be safe and I want the same for you.

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Or thanks but we’re going to stay home this year. It’s not that complicated and there is no need for dramatics
Play GIF. So sad that it has come to this. Better safe than sorry. Nah Im good thanks, we’re having a quiet one at home this year”. We are staying away this year because we love you.. I’m pretty sure they’d be ok with you not going.. Grow up and just say no.
Play GIF. This reminds me of the DARE use of “Just Say No”! Slogan.. Sorry, we won’t be able to join you – hopefuuly next year the epidemic will be a thing of the past!. Given the situation which is self evident I find it hard to believe any one would have hard feelings over declining an invitation.. CNNazi’s at best. Soon you’ll encourage the discrimination of white people.. “No thanks. There’s Rona outside and I’d rather not die.”

Just say, “sorry I don’t wanted to get infected with the Trumpvirus”. “Uh no dude. I’m ordering takeout. Be safe.”. How to decline? Is that a thing? What happened to no”?. Well I dont intend on missing a family Thanksgiving at the end of this year cause it’s going to be the only chance I get to see my family once this year Don’t plan on rejecting.. I was really looking forward to seeing the first Ladies doc tonight right now. It’s listed on my tv but it’s not playing! What happened???. There is something seriously wrong with you if you need CNN to tell you how to decline an invitation.. There are many ways to communicate. Write a letter again. Call your. If you don’t know what’s going on by now. You’ve got a problem and should be institutionalised. You guys tried saying “no” before doing an extensive article on it?

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