Now why is it so important for Trump to get this done before he’s out of the White House ????????. All you Trumptards are living in an alternate reality. He lost and Biden won! There has been no evidence of wide spread election fraud and youre not going to find any. The American people have spoken with their votes and that’s what happens in a democ… . The funny thing is that we all know Biden is gonna fire all those appointed by Trump, and hire those fired by him . seems to me that Trump is scurring around to set in place caos, and that he is preparing for the inevitable that he will not get 4 more, so he’ll leave Biden with his mess then blowing up the internet laughing and tweeting and plotting to start his own… See More. When you have an outgoing President they should not be able to grind their own personal Axe, nor wreck havoc on their way out the door! Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster

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There is absolutely no reason for these changes unless Trump is planning something prior to his departure. . A complete sinister enterprise regime . the reign of terror is ending very soon . I dont know what Trump is trying to pull now. But he is not to be trusted in my opinion. I have always heard a man is most dangerous when backed into a corner. He afraid he might be prosecuted for some of his deeds.. No way Biden will chose his own people to work for him and the American people’s best interest.. He won’t have the job after January 20th. It’s a waste of time.. He really should be looking for another job before Biden cans him. Though, showing you worked for Trump can’t look too good on your resume.. Every single one of them needs to be replaced.. So, so pointless…meanwhile, we are coming up on 250,000 deaths due to Covid-19. Dear certain Americans, you should have voted blue for the Senate if you wanted any help which requires the Senate to actually do something other than pander to T. Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster

Dragon bathroom Your butt napkins my lady poster

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I’m religious and I believe there should be restrictions. We should preserve life. Maybe he hasn’t had a death in his family. I have.. These restrictions are meant to protect people! It is a temporary necessity! STOP being foolish!. He has a point with the COVID restrictions, although one that should be alleviated using common sense during a pandemic.. Maybe he should look up the word liberty and apply it to everyone not just his own sect.. I think he doesnt know the definition of RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. Maybe he needs to step down.. Religious liberty means everyone has a right to their own beliefs, not imposing ours on others.. As long as people are allowed to practice ANY religion they wish, without trying to force it on anyone else, and not discriminating against anyone who practices a different religion, while keeping them all out of governmental process, that is religiou…

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Im worried about a Supreme Court Justice who doesn’t understand public health emergencies and who thinks that marriage is defined by religion.. Well maybe these religious leaders shouldn’t act like a man who has been married 3x, cheated on all his wives and likes to grab girls by the pussy is god sent to save america!!!!!!
I’d stop going to church too if that’s the BS they’re preaching!!! . Mr. President, Joe Biden and your bright face bodes well.I ask God to grant you success in establishing peace and global security away from wars, devastation, destruction and disease on your hands, God willing. Justice Alito should limit the scope of his opinions to the Court.. No one is trying to stop religious liberty. Ya know, for someone so smart, has he read the Bible to find there is no where that says one must pray to God in a building with other people who can make you sick.

Leave the public health issues up to the public health officials. Why is this even a Supreme Court matter?. Religious beliefs have no place in our courts. Alidioto, the COVID measures are to save lives, you know those precious things that you pretend to be pro” about. As far as Im concerned in the election there is no winner yet.but I guess trump will win. I say let them go to church. With the understanding that if they get sick.they will not burden the health care workers and hospitals but rather return to there church and pray for a miracle cure., seems like a fair compromise to me. After all we reap w… . Here we go again. Religious people, pushed to follow the same laws as everybody else, and somehow trying to make it about persecution.. Why do they say religious when they mean Christian?. How will the people continue to worship their fairytales, if only there was some book they could actually read. Some sort of collection of stories that carried all these lesson, fables, mysticism. Something they could keep in their homes, to continue t… See More

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