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You should fly a few of the 400 series jet to to make the others envious . The airline that brought me to my new life in the USA.. 747 is a great plane, but how can you beat the a380!. I was on one of the first flights. I think it was $99 NY to London. Couldn’t agree more Sir Richard. The 747 got me to Los Angeles which I now call home Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster . I remember my forst time on a 747 from AUS to the UK…back when you could still smoke at the back of the plane in ‘97. Looks like a good place to live. Minus a few hundred seat.. Never had the money to go anywhere but on shuttle flights from city to city very rarely. Would of loved to fly in one of these!. Truly inspiring. Enactment of your autobiography, Losing my virginity

Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster

Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster 1

Was this what we flew to Vegas on for the inaugural? . The 747 is memorable for many. Add me to that list. My first trip on a 747 was 1972. I remember it well.. Just loved travel B747 especially with the lounge in upper deck with the bar service. Tea Honey Ginger omggggg the fun we had on this plane, upstairs in “the hump” at the bar a mile high! Richard Branson made flying fun! THOSE were the days.. See, I don’t understand why they got rid of these boeing aircrafts that had all the cool stuff that’s on this commercial, I wish they would bring back these aircrafts.. Caroline Anderson-Staub So many good memories from the clubhouses to the great flights and staff. We need another mother/daughter trip. . We flew back to UK from USA, from New York I think, in Summer of ‘84, hadn’t been flying long as I remember. We had flown out on People’s Express so flying back on Virgin was brilliant! Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster

Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster

Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster 3

Boeing make exceedingly good planes. The cake making, we will leave to Mr Kipling.. this plane became so well known so quickly world wide as you say is because of it’s size and shape of its cabin. I was so curious at Gatwick so empress to see your plane and I was sad to not be a member and visit your restsurant. Am always with virgin Atlantic family members. My heartiest congratulations to all members. Namaste from India. . When virgin deregulated flight prices in my country, it opened up enormous opportunities. The distance from my town to our capital is roughly 1000 kms. It used to cost $1000 to fly there (interstate). It now is a few hundred dollars at most.. Going to be very much missed. I, somehow, always felt safer with 4 engines.. what are you doing with the fleet? im sure you could retrofit some, and donate them to be used for firefighting

Dolphins When You Love What You Have Poster 2

Amazing guy, I had the pleasure to meet him, when I was working for GERGE SOROS. To see your dreams become the greatest gift of all. I’ve been standing up for human rights in Queensland, Australia, for the past eight years regarding the conduct of Queensland Health, and the ALP Annastacia Palaszczuk Government including Cameron Dick MP and Steven Miles MP. Unspeakable. They even cam… See More. Tomoko Tomoppi
Thank you for sharing this post about human rights sir Richard Branson. Good vibes from the Netherlands . Sir Richard is a great Leader all people have to be treated with Love and respect. The greatest management insight is know one cares about how much you know until they know that you CARE. Positive caring is so important! People love it when you care a… See More. WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and … See More

Read the universal declaration of human rights.send around the world with free peace shirts.that is what I have been doing for 25 years..writing letters to the leadership.remove violent slasher movies.positive messages words everywhere we go.everything… See More. bigger fish to fry // no one has build a car for all the people that can they can buy since Henry Ford model -T- and Ferdinand Porsche Volkswagen Beetle ! and people only see Ford was now no great price as the lost the hole car business by no price … See More. Hi. I bought a macbook pro from one of your stores 3 months ago. Since I have bought it i have been experiencing some problems with it. I suspect something fishy about it. Maybe the guys at the store knew it has a problem and they sold it. I asked for… See More. I have been giving free peace. Shirts around the world for 25 years.with ideas and solutions.

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