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I am grateful that Biden and Harris are coming into office within two weeks. They are competent and have the best interest of the country at heart. I hope that 45 does no more damage on his way out of office.. Yes this despicable incident may actually have served a positive purpose. I remember teachers always telling us how fragile our democracy is. Never thought I’d see hard proof of that in my lifetime.. Lynn Johnson Hoffman. We will continue our resilience as a nation, and our belief in the genuine goodness of our fundamental values and citizenry.. I also was comforted last night when I saw the majority of both parties come together to continue with what rightly needed to be done. I hope that the unity and cooperation of the members of our government & communities will continue as we move forward… See More. Thank you for this statement Melinda Gates, I’ve been thinking all day about how to express the fact that the insurrection was put down, the Senate was flipped to hopefully make a major change in D,C, about how our elected officials govern and in spite… See More Deer hunting bedding set

Deer hunting bedding set

Love that book! So empowering!. How can we get this book, i’m in indonesia. Barimah Osei Deer hunting bedding set How can I get one, please?. ! NICE TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT U DOING ON FEVOUR OF WORLD’S WOMEN GROUP WORLD WIDE. Daniela Adeola My favorite story begins on page 40. Read Ruchi’s story about the baby she saved. Achieving behavior change with transparency. Yep entire book was a really good read!. poor kids in third world hv to pay school fees vs food or shelter vs shoes clothing books medicine.Greta asks kids to skip school that is white privelege. The Gates are part of the virus, thanks creators!!. Loved this book! . Time for the politicians in Washington to sell their yachts and feed the poor. Thank you. Do you make mention of DE GREAT RESET in your book? Or will that issue be discussed in your next book?. Roger Buri A good teacher. Launching of book January 12, is nearer my birthday. Expecting your personal greeting thru fb.

Deer hunting bedding set

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