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Joe has the experience. Composure and character strength needed to reposition the country. He is prepared for the job but certainly not the other way, because Trump is not prepared for the job hence he employs divisions, distortions of facts and propag… See More. Trump . Donna Glasco Dear santa it’s been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug Play GIF. Where is Trump????. Wasi Ahmed nowhere.. It is clear that the current administration has done significant harm to our country and to our international reputation. We are lucky our country has built in checks and balances to curb the power of the President however the current administration i… See More Play GIF. I love this and I love you Mr. President. We miss that caring calm presence. Looking forward to a return of that vibe with Mr. Biden!. We need to get out of the grip of this madman/clown. That’s more important to saving our democracy and system of government than temporary job gains or stock market.

Dear santa it’s been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug

Dear santa it's been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug 1

Go Michelle what you have said is so very clear and right. We have two clear directions in this election. We can stay the course with trump and go down in a sinking ship of lies and deceptions or vote Biden and have sanity return and see America on real path of greatness. I don’t know about anyone else but Bid… See More. I miss the Obamas. It’s the last time we had brains, dignity and class in the White House.. I have always agreed that two terms are enough for one president, but I can’t help to wish you were our president again. The combination of empathy, morality, ethics and deep intellect only begging to describe you.. I miss having an adult run the country.. Riden with Biden! Thanks for your service Obama family!!!. Obama I’m so dissatisfied and disappointed that of all smart and vibrant politicians you chose Biden!!! Just the way you chose Buhari over jonathan!! Your hate for good governance will eat you up so soon!! Dear santa it’s been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug

Dear santa it’s been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug

Dear santa it's been hard to be good i have red hair you know mug

I dont like Trump at all, but just remember that corona has a big part of the blame of that loss of jobs.. A president’ job is to protect his country and do what’s best for the people of that country, and to encourage people to work together to be a a stronger nation. What has Trump done? Just wants to fight with the world from where I sit!. Even after inheriting a strong economy, the current White House occupant managed to screw things up. The great divider in chief still trying to divide our country even after being out of office. He keeps talking about his “plans” but we’ve yet to see them!. Where was this plan 45yrs ago . Barack Obama definitely voting for him to get our country back in order but as a concerned citizen can you just move back in the White House and help him out. Not saying that he won’t be great… But we all know what you can do and I’m just saying we n… See More

Barack Obama
Be sure to double check your state government website for the latest deadlines, or look up your state here:
Vote Save America 2020
Vote Save America 2020. . Please create tutorial video to assist the public on how the properly fill out a ballot. What Trump was calling ” fraud” during the debate was actually peoples ballot discarded because of errors on the ballot ( clearly not fraud ) but still everyone’s … See More. Would love to vote to save US democracy but I am only European! Good luck to decent, open minded, rational thinking, people caring and science based people and policy.. Thank you! I voted early . I dropped my mail-in ballot off today at the official drop-off location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.. Just voted in Missouri for Biden earlier this morning. And to be clear, I’m not anti-republican and some issues I side with the Republicans, but Trump is a threat towards peace in this country. His cowardly rhetoric only creates more tension and divis… See More

Vote Democratic and take back our country and our dignity and our decency. It’s a moral imperative.. Texas! We have a chance. Register and vote. Go blue!!. I’m from Australia and even though we have compulsory voting. It’s a is a right I cherish so please get yourselves registered and vote!. Thank you so much for sending out valid information on voting!! Thanks for always being our great nations voice of reason. Thank you for the deadlines but this year I’m voting red. I don’t trust Harris as a VP after seeing how California is after she was their leader. Can’t vote from UK, will come on 10th and will vote all the way BLUE. I voted for Joe today. Hooray for early voting in VA! . Dropped my ballot off today in Versailles, KY!!. Dear Mr. President: I support even though I live in Mexico. It’s for the sake of the world.

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