Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug


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Bill never been on your site but anyone that wears a casio duro is one smart cookie and people that think you should not get vaccinated for covid needs iq test you get the picture keep up the great work your doing around the world …love Dale and Kare… See More. Am Ishmael from Ghana; Man of all men who got heart and true love for his fellow men Bill Gate may you be blessed abundantly love you. Know your self-worth. You might feel unwanted & unworthy to one person, but you are priceless to another. Spend time with those who value you. No matter how good you are to others, there’ll always be that one negative person who criticizes you. Smile… See More. Good opportunity to said “Sorry about the lost your father but the best part is that his spirit will be for you for ever and live the this planet proud to did the best can do for our humanity, our lovers and the future of our generations Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug 1

Can not find its stock on robinhood??????. Interesting. We need these efforts to protect further harm to our environment. Indeed we are behind time. On your philanthropy programs, please remember Africa and other struggling regions of the world as those parts may pull these efforts back if not … See More. Thank You, this is a good idea and excellent, which leads to the development of technology scientific approach.. But the issue of recycling does not solve.. Wind energy will always be a substitute charging car batteries…as the car will move it will produce wind energy helping in charging batteries…it could be a part of design of a car…free car charging lifetime. You don’t see electric vehicles once you leave the coastal areas. We drove from mammoth to Missoula and did not see any charging stations and in some areas no gas stations.. There are obviously advantages with these batteries, but we also need to consider how to recycle them and also the environmental effect of strip mining, if that’s what is done. Any progress with the advancement of batteries is much needed! Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug

Good luck Mr. I have another idea in helping electric batteries too, but let me see if Tesla will give it a second look.. Certainly it will revolutionise the car industry .It will also help in climate change .. That’s great! Why not develop a Solar Powered Vehicles so you don’t need to charge it and no need to use electricity… Also, are you building better batteries for your clones?. Charging battery is ultimately going back to power generation ! May be caol generated power plant ! What we need here, the power generated by wind, wind turbined electricity !!. so the solid material is a graphite base material im assuming. in this moment fitness are close and we should drill muay thai inhouse for good health.. how are these batteries recycled when no more in use? . want to give an HappY BirthdaY to #Warren #Buffet on that past Sunday. a safe life of quality. a good beginning worthty to be deserved by everyone. best wishes one another

Really appreciate Mr Gates dont forget special education teachers they are going through rough times moresothat disability in African countries is not yet at pur.. Bill Gates for president 2024! US and the world is in need of a wise leader with a humanitarian “service above self” values and a national and international strategy and relationship!. Seriously? With this government keeping small business closed while big businesses, such as yours, allowed to remain open? Dig in your own pockets and all your billionaire friends to donate. And, when did you get a medical degree to be involved with bi… See More. It is rare that someone who says the world is overpopulated, wants to save it with a “vaccine”. Thank you so much Bill and Melinda Gates! Because of you I found a worthy cause, made a small donation, shared on my FB page and now they’re fully funded.. I request all of you friends that I need a lot of prayers for my father and for my Job. my father has Cancer in his liver He is undergoing treatment. The doctors have told us that they will have an operation as soon as possible But we don’t have enoug… See More

How are you helping with the end of life of these batteries, as to not be a worse burden on society?. yes and no. Ain’t gonna buy a new car until an affordable battery SUV is available, so the polluting internal combustion engine can go same route as ox wagon.. Sure! A timely investment and a vaccine to the ailing globe. Global warming and climate change antidote. Good luck sir!. Bill you just a man that Made to live forever so that world can continue to have a good quality products. Thank. Men, I love my electric car. One of my best decission to make that change from fossil fuel to electrical power. A lot of push for solar here but he strongly believes in nuclear power. I concur although renewable sources are preferable, nuclear would be the quickest way to rid ourselves of petroleum. We surely have the ability to make safe reactors. (Actually he … See More

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