Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug


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What ugly shoes these are ! hard plastic cheap -Nike sucks ! cheap crap glue falls Apart slaves built forget about it!. How many copies of these kind of shoes can they make !. The most beautiful woman in the entire world, we love you so much, dear, and we wish you more brilliance and creativity in the future. Promoting that shoes how lucky the manufacturer can sell a lot.. People are going to lose their minds to buy $235 sneakers. Oh please, better use that money 4 food, on your kids or pay a bill. Glenda Majano. A-Rod is still being talked about? Didn’t hear it’s higher with the ridiculous contract that no man is worth? If Jackie Robinson or George Herman Ruth was live today they would be more money than for different a-rods separate or even a whole team of th… See More. do they come with PEDs? Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug 2

Well everything must change congratulations looks like a Russell is doing very well by the way Mr Combs is all over social media this morning interesting I’ve always liked and admired him this new gossip could suspend on things if you’re into that kind… See More. Where can i get it?. a Rodríguez shoes . If God is the ocean, and the soul is his drop. And reborn from life to life, changing bodies like clothes, we have known him for a long time, and our relationship is very long-term, but due to our limitations, we regularly forget about him, and he is i… See More. Joel Luoma-aho. Donate them to the rioters and looters so they can run away faster from the police.. Angel Del Valle. I get one but seems my own is synthetic leather. #PrayforGanja 1200-year-old Ganja, Azerbaijan’s 2nd largest city. 100km far from Karabakh. Entire residential neighborhood wiped out by missiles launched by Armenia. At least 10 Azerbaijani civilians killed, including women, 40 wounded, including child… See More Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i’ll be snuggled up in mommy’s tummy mug

Dear daddy this christmas i'll be snuggled up in mommy's tummy mug 1

Claude Simos. I think she is leaving A-rod . every time she makes a new video with a good looking dude she falls In love . Yes she is beautiful , but that guy she’s with is so hott. Melvyn Diaz. J Marce Cruz. JLo is perfect and flawless…, Maluma, talentless.., no thank you. Jlo you can do so, so, so much better.. JLO looks amazing…but Maluma comes off so unauthentic . She works hard to keep her body and health. That’s a job in itself. She is an inspiration that we all can keep our beauty.. Wow! You are absolutely stunning! My absolute favourite singer dancer actress! Sending love from South Africa. Wow! I love them both! She is gorgeous and he is super fine. Both talented and they make a beautiful couple.. Very nice pictures with two talented and professional singers..congrats..luv it… I don’t care what nobody say Jennifer Lopez is a bad chic and there aren’t many women on her level

Age is just a number only….any style you wear JLO is absolutely fit for your curvacious body…..always looking beautiful, gorgeous, sexy as well as very lucky to have a super duper talent in singing….dancing…acting and most of all a very responsible mother of your twins….I love you JLO. I feel so proud of you, JLo, representing Puerto Rico, the Latin community and looking and feeling gorgeous at any age! . Ellen Rice. Natalie Salem. Lacey Rayann Young. Rock it JLO! You’re a Goddess and the Queen of Latinas! Maluma looking handsome as ever . Sorry but Maluma has nothing on A-Rod
I Love A-rods mentality, intelligence and intellectual mind. THAT is something so HOT! . She will always be one of my favorites. She is stunning, and she is wonderful in her singing, and acting careers. I love me some JLO.. A Puerto Rican and a Colombian… great combination.. The Queen of Bronx.

are you sure this woman is 51. This woman will some day be 100 years old and this woman will still & forever be HOT AS HELL!!!
She is so fabulous no matter what age she is, and or what she wears….. Wow jlo…. is there any company you and Alex don’t promote???? Give someone else a chance for a gig….. I love when rich people try to look all raggedy and basic to appeal to the masses LOL. What a hypocrite. Moved to Miami escaping the cesspools in California and New York and now wants to turn Florida communist. Get out!!!! Hypocrite!!! Go pay the taxes in Cali and New York and stay out of Florida!!! Once this state turns, where will you … See More. Absolutely love the black ones she is wearing….so fly!!!!!. That is not true, she works hard for what she has, and she works out almost everyday, if you look at her back in the day, she looks the same just more grown up now

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