Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt


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I’ll be a volunteer judge of elections – hopefully to work the week of early voting in Montgomery County MD, but maybe just on election day. My husband is making phone calls to help people in Pennsylvania make their voting plans.. As a legal resident who cannot vote, am I allowed to volunteer at the polls at least? I would like to help.. Training next Saturday. . Cans of RED paint will be available… paint it RED! . I hope that you are voting for a candidate who is concern about saving lives. If by chance you are in your 50’s you should consider thinking about Social Security, Health program( you won’t be healthy all your life) what will I do after I retire from w… See More. Man I wish you were still in the Whitehouse. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do to heal our nation! Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt

Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt

Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt

As a former Assistant Town Clerk in Massachusetts,I want you to know that each poll worker is a special gift at each election … and you should be proud. If we make voting days national holidays then maybe more younger people would be able to be poll workers. Most poll workers are senior citizens & retired. They sit long hours & are at risk for picking up viruses. I am grateful for those that can & d… See More. I hope you gain some common sense and vote blue. The republicans care nothing about you!. I will help by voting republican! Thank you for the reminder Obama. Voted republican but won’t make the same mistake twice. Done! Thanks for the encouragement!. Already completed my training, I work all elections . I very rarely wish I was American (I’m Cdn), but I wish I could volunteer as a poll worker! Anything to help people get out to vote! Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt

Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt

Dark Art Skull 3d Hoodie and Shirt 6

When I think of it, I rarely agree with everything on any one opponent… but this year is a battle for the soul of a nation!… I’m voting for kindness, humanity and (hopefully) unity! We are a nation in turmoil and divided! Biden is the best candidate to lead us out of this darkness!. Yes, the full speech is amazing. Every American should watch.. You go Joe! Almost at the finish line! I am praying not only for a win for you but also a landslide Victory! You deserve it! God’s got your back!. Good job Joe. Vote blue everybody and get our country back to normal. We have had enough stress.. I cannot wait to vote for Joe and Kamala in person on November 3rd.. I saw this speech, it is awesome and the most presidential thing we’ve seen in four years.. Joe Biden may not be the perfect candidate, if there is such a thing, but most assuredly Joe will surround himself with qualified, competent, capable, intelligent people. He will listen to his Team and heed their advice and together they will negotiate… See More

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It’s probably the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life. My brain is unable to understand how a human being can not see the reality of Trump. How they have a validation for every lie he tells or scandal he’s involved with. And these are not all… See More. Exellent speech. I might not agree with Biden on everything and i would have prefered to see Bernie go against Trump. But this speech gives a clear picture of how different Trump and Biden are.. The speech was impressive. Thank you, Barack Obama, for supporting Joe Biden. I just hope that Joe wins — and restore the soul of the nation.. Our only hope to save our democracy!. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. No lies and no name calling! It is was such a nice change.. “From the Dark, we walk to the light. From the shadows, we learn to survive. There’s nothing to hide, we will find. What’s come next after light” – After Light from the japanese singer Hyde.

Joe Biden’s speech at Gettysburg was very good it gave me hope that I haven’t felt for the past four years. He truly cares about what is best for America.. You are in my prayers every day. My body calms and my heart rate slows just looking at both of you. If I could vote a thousand times I would. God Bless you both. Thanks a million. I VOTED for him & Kamala yesterday! Received my ballot in the mail Tuesday evening, filled it out on lunch break Wednesday, DROVE to the election office after work, WALKED it right in!!!. Can’t wait for the power of The Pink Hats to roar again !!!. He is a good man with integrity and he will stand for what is right to bring America back to us.. Is this the speech he gave at Gettysburg? That was such a great speech. We were watching it while finishing dinner and were all so into it by the time we were done eating. Even my husband stayed to watch the entire thing, and he avoids all things news … See More

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