Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster


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Mayor Pete as Spider-Man. This is epic. Just watching it all from Perth, Western Australia.. Made me cry when the ones that he disrespected came back as angels to help Joe Biden!. When John Lewis came out, that was the best part. Georgia!!. This is great, but where is Hilliary???. Not Sean Connery too! . I love this! This is really what happened. It just shows what we can do as a collective body.. It’s a good parody. I get chills seeing the ones that have passed on came back for this moment. Republicans and democracy in unity. It’s the way it should be. . Who ever did this is Brilliant . Whoever did this…. tq…It’s good….Really good….Hope Stan Lee didn’t mind….. This is brilliant…love the inclusion of 007…… When John Lewis and McCain popped in I literally started to cry- we must save our elections to save our democracy! Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster

Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster

Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster 1

John Roger Legend. Please look in the mirror.. I am a Georgia woman. Stacey gave us Georgia!. We got more work to do in Georgia…lets go get them 2 senate seat or else we are in trouble..VOTE BLUE ON JANUARY 5TH… He’s having so much fun reveling in the Biden/Harris win.. Am I the only one didn’t listen because I was so fascinated by his skin. NO MORE VOICE FOR ME!. Love the voice, good man.. We love you and love our new President, it’s like winning the lottery. One more time Georgia. Come on Georgia!! We need those senate seats!. We have seen what blue run states and cities look like….Not good.. You betta sang john!. Your wife so blessed to have you got a beautiful voice I know she love you singing to her. Go help them get the 2 senate seats. Honestly expected NC to flip, GA blew my mind! Well done! Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster

Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster

Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster 2

Ok, but not the best rendition of the song. Although Georgia is on my mind along with Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona …. North Carolina, not so much.. Love JOHN LEGEND SO TRUE A SONG FOR TODAY!. Thank you and Georgia and Pennsylvania,Oh and Arizona. THK U GEORGIA..Y’ALL GOT N2 SOME GOOD TROUBLE..SOOOO PROUD, U R TRULY ON OUR MINDS N HEARTS..THK U!. John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Stacy Abrams!!!. Yessss!!!! Come on through Georgia!!!. How are we going to deprogram these MAGA people?. Go Stacy Abrams. Thank you John, you put her in my mind. Tell Chrissy to lay off the Botox!. undefined. Now please elect two Democratic Senators!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.. undefined. GF on our mind.. undefined. *Atlanta. Play GIF. Yes, but there are 2 senate seats that we need to get things done in Congress. You can’t sing. undefined. . You an ass. Hey ma nice like his music like shirt just would rock it a lot baggeir but got shout out NYC,718 U.s.v.i340 holla back what up BWK

Danemark das land des meeres vintage travel poster

Fantastic image to equate to what has happened in our fight to win back America! Good job!. I teared up watching this, especially when John Lewis, John McCain and RBG arrived! And the cameo by Sean 007 made me smile. . I’m not crying, someone is chopping onions next to me. Brilliant you did it America your free . It’s time to take back our country! GREAT VIDEO!. So funny and cool! So many warriors! and Sean Connery! lol . Fantastic…one major error…Close on the face of CHADWICK BOSEMAN…NOT Sean Connery… And a guest appearance by 007! This is brilliant!!!. Brilliant. Absolutely fantastic. Just need to confirm Joe Biden in and the whole world will breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate. Come on America – you can do it and put a stop to the lunacy.. I was ok until they put in Sean Connery. He had nothing to do with politics.

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