Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater


So is he gonna use UV light and hydroxychloroquine to cure it?!?! Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater Hope the people that went to the NJ fundraiser void their checks. i think this is a ploy to get his vaccine out like he promised he would…. He only has it because he was tested. Without mask it was overdue Another National embarrassment Darn, if he wouldn’t have been tested, he wouldn’t have it. Now are numbers are just going to go up. I like president’s who doesn’t catch Covid. LOL

Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater

Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater- pic 1

How convenient…someone just got a dr.excuse to get out of the debate Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater how is that chloroquine working out for you, Mr president… Maybe som Ultra Violet light will do you better.. A lot of vile comments… what a shame!!! You all have lost your humility & have become the very thing you pretend to be against; HATE in its purest form. Trump has many risk factors. He is elderly, he is obese, he has a low income. I feel like it’s all part of a master plan…I really hope not, but something’s fishy Dallas cowboys ugly christmas sweater I think it’s a lie. He’s scared to debate Biden again or he wants the virus to be played down. Hard to believe a liar. If its true. I hope see the lifeboat he just climbed in to. I hope he sees the folly of his ways. I hope his fandom realizes that the most isolated and secure man on the planet, not a fan of wearing a mask, or social distancing now has the virus. Wake … See More

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