Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug


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Being a high risk individual I want to say thank you Sir for all you are doing. No matter what the haters say, you are a wonderful human to take so much of your own time and money to fight so hard to save many. Blessed be.. I hope this effort doesn’t include your praising of the Chinese Authoritarian Measures for COVID19. No one wants that in the U.S. Bill.. Finding Therapeutics equally important. People should not be forced to take vaccines.. Lol this is laughable. “Humankind has never had a more urgent task”. My immunity system works just fine against cold and flu. Thank you though. Covid – 19 is your creation as u had already warned about it and vaccine is also with u already and now u are waiting for right time to announce that and earn huge bucks from every person of world be it poor or rich. Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug

Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug

Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug 1

No person gives food to another person while hungry. We thank you very much for creating the vaccine Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug but now try it on every member of your family and others who worked with you on national tv . Mr Gates, I admire you as one of the last “built it in my garage” heroes but I have reservations about this vaccine. Perhaps we can chat? Pm me?. If this is a natural crisis, then the solution cannot be without alternatives. Unless it’s a product of a designated organization… Power belongs to God!!!. There is a quantum medical secret in an inherent immune system that knows how to resolve a virus much more effective and in a good way. The herd vaccine will come naturally and more effective than the damage created as a result of quarantine or vaccine… See More. Thank you Bill Gates for all the charity works you do to the world

Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug

Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug 3

How about you inject that vaccine into yourself and your family first on live tv…then I’ll consider. Before you get a chance to cheat, we’ll randomly pick from a brief case full of vaccines.. By the grace of God, the vaccine will be developed. I appreciate your effort sir.. In Africa we already have a remedy from madagascar so we don’t need your vaccine sir. Let me hope you are not proposing microchip implant in pretext of vaccination . (There is simply non alternative) you can do better than this. There has been no vaccine since stone age non on till we started to believe that we can heal the world by our own. Good luck to Us all.. Who made you a global health consultant? your plans will be resisted and frustrated in Nigeria. Keep your vaccine to yourself and your family.. Please focus on Windows. We doing alright without your vaccine. Which medical school did u qualify from by the way?

Dad thanks for picking up my poop personalize custom name mug 2

The only thing we need to know is that we are not going to be used as a testing grounds for your vaccine (Africa). Dear Mr. Gates, you warned the world five years ago about such catastrophe in a Ted talk. But, wasn’t it,your favorite organization, WHO’s task to take action during last ten years? They consume billions of dollars of budget yearly, but hadn’t sent a s… See More. Madagascar has got the vaccine dont be ignorant because its from Africa, save people. NO BILL! I WON’T COMPLY! I see you and your associates. You won’t track me.. You and your family get the vaccine first…. Bill you are the sole founder of covid 19 don’t worry humanity and nature will fight you. Ignore the haters. Ignore everybody who has anything but gratitude for you and your wife. Thank you.. Microchip and birth control included.. Your vaccine has strings. Your not Godly behaving, you have a very big agenda

Bill Gates should be arrested and trial for world crimes against humanity. Bill gates want to save the world from virus where else he could not save windows from viruses. Take that vaccine back to you, to your Family and friends, maybe they will need it not us!. Efficacy measures how well the vaccine protects you from getting sick. Although you’d ideally want a vaccine to have 100 percent efficacy, many don’t. For example, this year’s flu vaccine is around 45 percent effective.. I bought my laptop in December 2007. My friends call it a dinosaur. It has survived and adapted to the different programs which have been developed over the years.. No way we are going to vaccinate ourselves! Leave us alone with your satanic plan!. We won’t do anything. We have known this old plan for many years. Enjoy your last moments. We are free, with ourselves. You will never have us and we will have our world, together with Nature. The chemistry destroys!

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