Dachshund waiting at the door poster


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Lost all respect for the both of you ! So sorry I ever voted for your husband ! Big mistake .. This is wonderful but lost respect when you see what is happening and you do nothing ..UNITED WE STAND means nothing to you!!!!. I have always admired you, your husband and your father and mother in law……until recently. It is apparent you harbor disdain for our President. As that is the way you feel, like I was taught, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. He i… See More. I am a lifelong Republican but there are limits to my loyalty. George Bush was exactly the kind of man I want to be president. Respectful, honest and always well intended.. The Bush family are traitors to America.. Hey Laura Bush. If you are aChristisn, why have you shunned the current First Lady? No respect. This actually teared me up when I heard them and saw them. So powerful and united together. #911Survivor Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster 3

Jana Brown BraggHappy birthday! I supported you as President. Time to support the non career politician. Donald Trump! 192 . Daniel HernandezHappy Birthday President Bush!!!! I’m honored to share the date of myBirth with you and with Sylvester Stallone!! 41 . Terri BuechlerI loved you as our president. Laura was the classiest for our First Lady. Happy Birthday. I so do not understand why you support Joe Biden for President. 137 . Brenda Martin BredehoeftHappy birthday! I believed in you and I voted twice for you and twice for your dad. But today, I’m very disappointed in your political stance. How could you ever vote for anyone who does not uphold conservative values? You turned out to be a wolf in sh… See More239 . Tracy HillYou are not the man I thought you were. Very disappointed. 192 . Kirk HalcombLooks more liberal by the minute…77 . Margaret SchultzNot happy with your choices sir… not at all 226  Dachshund waiting at the door poster

Dachshund waiting at the door poster

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