I am Italian and I am happy to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.. As a descendant of the Zuni Pueblo people of NM, thank you, I am touched by your words of acknowledgment and honor.. Thank you, for recognizing that Native communities need your support more than ever. I hope that when youre the Next President of your Country, there will be people of all backgrounds. To mirror the fabric of your Country.. Happy Piominko Day from the Chickasaw Nation!. In my home island of Newfoundland, we have pride in out First Nations incredible talents which helped much in the fight! God bless all Indigenous People! . In South Dakota, it is Native American Day”, with thanks to former governor George S. Mickelson.. As a Native AmericanI thank you Sir. A side note: how refreshing to read well thought out ideas and cogent vocabulary from one soon to be our President Dachshund crocs crocband shoes

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Thank you. I am looking forward to changing the name of the national holiday. As an adult I had to change my mindset on Columbus Day. We all have to grow and change!. Can’t wait to have your compassion and emotional intelligence lead this nation back to Greatness!! . Thank you Joe. This is my heritage. My mom’s maternal and paternal grandmothers were full-blooded Native American. I appreciate the honor. . So true Joe. I learned years ago that Columbus Day is not at all accurate. I no longer teach it and haven’t for a long time!. These are the people who have more to protest and deserve reparations for their mistreatment. A very worshipful way of live ,misunderstood by government.. How refreshing to have a leader who acknowledges native people’s history and rights.. Is this the most forceful stance a major party nominee has ever taken in defense of US Natives? Because it sure feels like it. Dachshund crocs crocband shoes

Dachshund crocs crocband shoes

You pandering fool.
Today is Columbus Day!. Proud of you! What we have done to the indigenous people is awful!. The country is so divided, we can’t even agree what day it is.. The Navajo Code Talkers were proud Marines. Semper fi, Sir.. On Columbus Day we celebrate Italian-Americans. We acknowledge the hardships and persecution Italians experienced and the many contributions they made to this country.. This needs to be repeated often. Far and wide across our nation. Unless you are a descendant of a tribal nation you are an immigrant to this country. Let that sink in. It is the truth!!. Its called Columbus day.. From a descendant of the Huron and Mohawk nation- thank you. I started crying when I read what the current Oval Office occupant “proclaimed” today. This helps. I truly hope you win, and unlike presidents who have promised things in the past- I hope you…

Joe, I have faith in you and kamala to bring America back again! Together we can do it!. Watching How the world sees America” Shows how screwed up Trump is, as if we didnt already know. I’m praying that we win this election. For the future of this country to be back on the right track, we definitely need too.
Play GIF. He is INCOMPETENT and needs to be FIRED. How is he making America great? My mom is inching on 80 years old and has never seen such an awful (not GREAT) year! What is he making great? Every day is like a train wreck with him in office. Just voted f… . President Trumpfaced an “acid test ” in 2020 to protect the lives of all Americans but failed, (210,000) Americans died due to covid-19 , complications, the President never showed sadness or remorse, acted as though this is “normal” , President Trum… See More

Answer the court packing question. You not answering is becoming the issue most people care about.. A carpenter thats been working on your house for 47 years and tells you I just need 4 mores years then I’ll have the roof on. Are you explaining how you just insulted every Italian and those of us of italian heritage.. Thats how the opposition will think or rather make us believe they are better than the incumbent until you vote them in and then u will realise that the devil you know is better than the Angel you dont know….. Welcome to Toledo! Best Hungarian hot dogs ever. Tony Pacos. With my solar panels I employed a local Michigan company and I used US made solar panels and also hired additional work for a local handyman around our area. Green jobs are great jobs.. Joe Biden not dangerous trump is dangerous man . Joe Biden help baby . Trump blame joe shame trump people . Grow up . You still blind anyway . Must respect no negative.leave alone joe . He is best president make me sick of trump he Is crazy man world .…

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