BBC News Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament What are the coronavirus rules that mean Boris Johnson has to self-isolate? bbc.in/36UmmM3 BBC.CO.UK Covid: What are the rules that mean Boris Johnson has to self-isolate? Covid: What are the rules that mean Boris Johnson has to self-isolate?. Hong Kong has taken a stricter approach to COVID-19 quarantines than many countries, using wristbands to enforce a mandatory mask wearing and 14 day quarantine on anyone arriving from another countries plus requiring the use of an electronic wristband… . He doesnt have the common sense to keep himself safe the second time around. and he’s the UK boss. Great excuse to vanish off the scene and escape the ordeal of PMQ’s, pestering MP’s, lobbyists, pandemic experts and journalists – Now where’s my copy of Pliny? Can I spin this out until February?. He should have had his meetings via Zoom then it would have prevented this matter altogether – One rule for them……one for the rest of us.

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 1

Adam Charles Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament As an Englishman who loves visiting the US I really hope Joe Biden works well with state governors to drive death and infection rates down. Never been a fan of Donald Trump but pleased to hear hes ordered the vaccines. Just wish he’d accept the result and work with Joe Biden on the vaccine and other important matters. Very disappointed I was n’t able to visit the US this year after a very enjoyable trip to NYC last year. Hope to visit again in the not too distant future. Stay safe. T. Nothing is gonna fully stop it . Why isn’t the current president handling it?. I don’t think laying new pavements (sidewalks) will help?. Isn’t it funny how the red states have seen the biggest increase in cases while the New England states always had a handle on it? Asking for a friend.. Ian Stevenson. Most likely a bit too late, I’m afraid.

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 2

How coincidental is that, final week of brexshit and hes not there. . Yet another gaff – maybe if he practiced the social distancing he advocates this wouldn’t be necessary. The buffoon can’t get anything right whatsoever.. For goodness sake the poor man can’t do right or wrong if he didn’t self isolate he would be accused of putting lives in danger if isolates he is accused of avoiding his duties. Of course he’s feeling great, he doesn’t have to hide in a fridge or face PMQs Isolating himself from awkward questions about Dom gone. Great excuse to go into hiding now that Cummings is gone. Isolated on £150k a year seems pretty cushy to be honest. Boris taking this selfie…
Play GIF. David Burnip. Convenient way of avoiding some difficult questions.. Why the hell wasn’t he using zoom to do all his meetings?. Covid-19 is so convenient to hide behind – disappear from public view for 14 days so that I don’t have to answer any questions about Dominic Cummings!!

Dachshund 2020 what a shit show ornament- pic 3

I wonder if boris johnson will try the vaccine been as his self isolating again. Stop with the negativity, guys! Yes, it needs testing THOROUGHLY. No, it wont be available for a good while due to this. Why are people finding it strange that a mere couple of companies are saying they have a potentially life saving vaccine, when it … . It’s like during cald war.
Pfizer vaccine 90%, ten russians get 93%, now americans 95%.. I see the news is all in a rush for it before many many tests are done. It won’t be overnight people. Valid testing has to be done many times. It will be some time before it is available to the public. Plus they don’t know how long it will help to prev… See More. Monica Monk
Proof plse!!!! Flu vaccine is 40-60% effective, Covid vaccine is new, never been used on human for long term.

As a past sufferer why is he wasting time in isolation. The PM IS A PRIME FRAUD AND JUDGING HIM ON DECENT PERSONAL IS A WASTE OF TIME AFTER GIFTING HIM WITH AN 80seat MAJORITY MEANS HE CAN DO AND SAY WHAT HE WANTS AND DOES. Wishing him well, and that hes not one of those people who get it more than once.. Is he going to be paid during self-isolation? As supply teacher get no cover for that. Self-isolate and get in debts with your bank . Julia Gannon. Sounded like a massive con to promote the so called effectiveness of SERCO Test & Trace!. I have just farted in the middle of a meeting, then the people have left the meeting hurriedly !. Why shouldn’t he feel great, he already had Covid-19 and antibodies! . Or is he keeping out of the way because he’s bort 10Million doses of a 90% effective vaccine and now USA have produced a 95% one,Thought he would have learnt from his mistake of buying tonnes of PPE that wasn’t up to EU regulations and couldn’t be used…

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