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Find a way to get Taylor Allderdice on all streaming platforms.. Can we get the whole BAR Tape on Apple Music please!?. One of my favorite original songs. Brings back memories . About damn time! One of the GOAT songs covered by Wiz.. Shout out to the people that know this song is old asf. That was dope u should do an album of remixes. Finally we waited soo much i’ve been rocking this song since i was 10. BAR and all the other tapes need to get their samples cleared to be put on streaming services man… TIMELESS is a timeless banger off that tape forreal.. Artists just gravitating to more chillin vibes. Keiarah Kay Hill. Wiz best song hands down. one of my favorite songs puts me in a good place mentally. only took 8 years. I just want you send me a box of your blunts…….as I listen to your music Cute viking god jul poster

Cute viking god jul poster

Cute viking god jul poster 1

Antonio Nicholas Saia. 8 years ago today I saw you for the first time ! . Smoke one to this track right now ppl. Mo Diogo Jalloh. Orlando J. Newton. Emmy Reigns Cute viking god jul poster This is my page where you Gonna get every Update about my songs Favourite song to blaze to. Love the memories associated with this song . Wiz. The lengen. We usually plays your songs in church today. Check Wiz’s “The Thrill” then check mine. Different vibe lol but ironically shot in Pittsburgh. YOUTUBE.COM Daniel Sima- The Thrill (Music Video/Short Film). Abdulrahman Nurudeen. Pretty old I’d say.. But still gold . Wiz Khalifa would you jam with this song from Kenya? YOUTUBE.COM WASHA – GIDEONAIRE X MASS MASS X LADY LIZZ X TWICE. Chano De Leon. Antonéa Ames. Kamar-eddine Firachen. LIFE DOESN’T MATTER IF THERE IS NO THRILL THAT IS CALLED A TRILL. What sample is this song from…. If I find someone who loves wiz that I will wear hats to the front

Cute viking god jul poster

Cute viking god jul poster 3

Whole stick of gas to the face always
y’all can keep that covid . I just fuckin miss all your songs and I cant accept the fact that I am not keeping on track with ya music anymore. Life gets harder but I swear to be on it again.. Adriana Marie Trevino
It’s always nice sharing some bud w some good people ~ I feel the vibes bro. Okay now what am I supposed to do with this new found information Mr. Khalifa?. Your boundless generosity is inspiring. Sharing is caring bro ..pass me the PUFFCO PEAK PRO AND SOME 6
HASH ROSIN . Sometimes you gotta get high to clear your mind. You have grown and i love it. I though something strength happen to you, when you just been so quiet for long, wishing best of luck dear. Am representing SOUTH SUDAN . Pass the paper plane this way i need to fill my lungs with reefer

Cute viking god jul poster 2

Awesome….. Wiz King of Music. I love that verse. Too short though. For real. Im smoking on g purps from verano in Illinois try it if you in the midwest. Wiz Khalifa have someone mail me some KK. I can never find it. Ill be your best friend. Lol. This kk. Got me feelin cray cray. I just got a pound and I smoked it all the same day. Wiz u’r the latest one’s in music we like all of your music trappppp. Me , meanwhile . Need a perfect client. I natural like yo music here in Kenya. This Cookies got me feeling like a rookie I just took 2 puffs got super high thats how it should be. Offcours bb boy . undefined. Siyethemba Mbanjwa. undefined. Legend of our time our hero I love your life style. King Of EveryThing. AZ listening. Love you. Remember the Bombay dayyyys…. im interested in trying it looks unique but sure is a mouthful lol

You all follow this page on instagram. WäLå. Idol I’m pinoy number one fun . Im begging im hungry so come get me please. Sundrop. I always like your music big bro. undefined. undefined. undefined. undefined. Mr. Wiz Khalifa son and cousins and nephews and married and a husband and a father and famous male Rap artist here brand new music from you please let me win this Facebook page from your fan Robert Mason Thank you. I’m from Viet Nam and i love music Wiz Khalifa. Mcqueen violet làm gì có tuổi. Iqbalfebrian. Wiz the king. I want u to sign me so i can supply some strong Nigeria kush 4 you. I can supply many artists from different country world wide.. “Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.” Visit our website now and fly at…. Sam Earich. Let’s roll some joints. I love you whiz

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