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Well don’t get too excited America’s not going to except a President that won by fraud and cheating and possible some China collusion maybe we need to start investigating his campaign just like the false accusations against Trump with Russia collusion … See More. This was the song and the dance moves I was TRYING to learn while standing in line for 4 hours to vote early.. I guess if somebody comes over and steals your car your belongings and all your money you’ll be OK with that too just like the Democrats stole the election. undefined. undefined. Are they having strokes?. undefined. these are drug addict democrats. too.much illegal drugs pouring in these democrat controlled cities and states. undefined. undefined. undefined. undefined. undefined. We just caught election cheater…. Give me the name of the artist who singing that song I love it thanks. undefined. undefined. undefined. Mr. Biden. My new favorite song Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug

Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug

Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug 1

Joy, please. When you started I wrote on your FB page that you were the best journalist. Today you said that Biden being 78 would be a life term?? Why are you saying things about age. People in their 70’s don’t have one foot in grave. If you are a… See More. Sing it John!!. VOTE RED…do nit believe the weakthy stars and politicians who have nothing to lose!! America could lose a lot with a blue win. G they are recounting not because of any fraud but because it’s a close race. Look it up.. Love you John and I pray you declare the winner Voice 2020. To John,,. Sweet, sweet socialism……is this the yahoo who told people to contribute to the DNC instead of food banks? We have got to keep the Senate red to prevent losing America – Biden/Harris are already dismantling what makes this country great by getting … See More Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug

Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug

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What a handsome young man and now a President we can be proud of! Grateful to every person who voted. Every single vote counted!. Very handsome as a young man. Dignified Senior. Adorable and Calm headed President . You’ve got some songs playing about the amazing votes that brought this over the line and I wanted to add one. For Philadelphia….”Philadelphia Freedom” thanks Joy…. Wow here too, What a handsome young man. I personally think he is still a handsome man. I could not be more happy that he is now our 46th President. His speech last night was up-lifting and presidential. He can actually give a Presidential speech! I… See More. Yes, a teenager who stutters can go on to be President! Beautiful moment!. Just heard your interview with Lawrence. 70m people ok with letting this horror continue for pennies, if any, in return. I just don’t get it. But I’m celebrating today with the rest of America and the world!

Customise custom name To my boyfriend mug

Absolutely gorgeous love your energy. Same here.
Well done this week Joy!. Gurrrrrl, you done stepped up your game! Makeup check, wardrobe, check, hair, CHECK, attitude, check, glowing, check. Standing ovation! Yesssssss! . Joy Reid, You are looking good and Mighty Pulled Together these Days. And yes, you are not the only one experiencing HAPPINESS!!. Fancylad Rodriguez. Here, too! I finally exhaled and I’m looking forward to a restful night’s sleep.. Stunning our Joy Reid. Celebrating . Thankyou Joy for your unwavering support during this election! I greatly appreciate you.. Tall did a swell job! Thank you!. You Go Girl! You Rock.. Exhaling on the 4-7-8 breathing technique . Thank you to our black sisters for carrying the vote … again! . The Fight Aint Ova! #Georgians We Gotta Get Out And Vote Again Like Our Lives Depend On It!!! PLEASE DON’T SLEEP ON THE SENATE RUNOFF’S. You were so giddy yesterday

He needs to concede. It can be a sentence, only, if he wants. But this is our will. Not his. This is America not trump land. It’s time for him to go!. Clara Lawrence. #EndGame. I believe he will concede! St Michael will make him. He needs time.. to mars with him….bien lejos…..from venezuela…… I don’t need a concession, but he’s got to go.. Here’s mine! Look closely at the slingshot. . I told my best friend that lives in Soho that I will not visit until he was out of office.. He’s playing golf and he’s winning as he’s way way below PAR. Both funny and historically serious!. My favorite song-Time To Say Goodbye. Meanwhile, Dem voters:. undefined. Lmfao. Not quite gone. But. We can almost hold our breath until he is. They packing up his stuff for prison. Yes…come out and join the celebration….. He’ll be gone pretty soon.

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