That guy is to busy running his own country into the abyss. He has no time to go to Korea!. Literally my nightmare. Praying for all affected.. All the best for the affected people. Hope they can salvage and rebuild.. Waiting for the building to collapse in nearly freefall speed, being mostly reduced to a powder in 3- 2 -911 -. Kack! I felt bad for the affected ones and the destruction done to the countrys infrastructure. May God heal all that in His mercy. That’s why I will never live in a high-rise apartment. The highest floor I will in, will be the second floor Who would say South Korea is in South America when it is across the Pacific Ocean over by Japan and China? It also is in the northern hemisphere instead of in the southern hemisphere.. This is why I’ve always been terrified of living in one of those. Goodness Custom photo family fabric mouth mask

Custom photo family fabric mouth mask

Before the U.S. Constitution transnational corporations refer to the slave trade as free trade’. In his last press conference JFK says We’re not going to plan trade with Red China”. Eight days later he is pistol shot by an actor who gets away with it… . China want one religion,one language,one culture. BLM is bs. How ironic that the target group for these products are the ones screaming about oppression and slavery that they themselves have never faced, while at the same time wearing Jordans they were probably made next door to where this hair was.. Trump Is A Bully,racist And SexistHe Will Be A Terrible Loser!. Why did Americans need so much “black gold”? If there was no demand from the US, there wouldn’t be such a surge in export. Who should be blamed?. https://www.facebook.com/drericnepute/videos/1656103787900237/. 1. Would Jesus have the sinner die? Why hangs He then on yonder tree? What means that strange expiring cry? Sinners, He prays for you and me Sinners, He prays for you and me Forgive, them, Father, oh forgive They know not that by Me they live They know… See More Custom photo family fabric mouth mask

Custom photo family fabric mouth mask

Quick recovery to all God is asking the world pray always be prepared lets repent our sins . everyday life hits us with things we do not expect. And it didn’t come down!!!
Building 7 was a controlled demolition just ask the university of Alaska. The higher you live the closer you get to your god. . Was fearing another Grenfell. If this happen in USA. Riot will start and blame trump.. At least no life lost, we thank God for that . Its a connection with COVID. What’s the cause!?. This is really sad, i wish the victims quick recovery, and the Authority of south Korea should investigate the true cause of the fire because this does not look natural to me, I think there is more to this.. This makes me really scared knowing that I live on the 26th floor of our building.. Am surprise CNN didn’t blame it on the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT

Trump’s brain shows side effects of the infection and the medical treatment. The virus seems to be in charge.. Albany Taylor.He is the best President we never had.. He’s showing not just mental weakness but physical weakness alsoHe should turn everything over to Pence and get some rest…. Trump please do the excutive order now before it too late Nancy has been stopping you and stalling to get the people to vote for Biden. You need to get the stimluis check out now you still have time to get your votes in if you do it right away. He does not seem to care that he is infected, numerous WH staff is infected and he does isolate like the rest of are supposed to do if we had it. He is in complete delusion.. The effects of the Kool aid are increasingly more evident as we watch the desperate posts of the Trumpty Dumpty supporters. Dont worry, it’ll be over soon.

He doesn’t even bother me anymore, his enablers do tho.. He is just unbelievable on the crazy train.. Pity the USA, he is clearly unstable, it could be the covid, but he really needs to realize something is not right and seek help We don’t care about his health just like he did not care about the thousands that have died from a virus he was ignoring
HE NEED TO BE DESPERATE. 25th amendment, he is completely incapable of leading this country. He is not a well man.. Fears that his health is getting worse or improving?. Does America have the right to know what Drugs he is on ? Do they effect his Judgement? Is he Mentally stable? Rationale?. Four years ago when he began his 2016 campaign the people who were smart enough should have seen he wasnt all there!!! We’re about 4 years too late to access Trump’s mental capacity or rather the lack of having any at all!!!

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