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Joseph A Sprutei’m skeptical of unions because like politics, they say one thing and often deliver something else. afterall, unions have been around a long time and still the minimum wage creates base-level poverty the wealthy feed off of . Anto GarryfunaBring back the Section 8 homeownership program to all HA’s. It’s cheaper, more cost effective, and is the only form of wealth redistribution.1 . Linda RalphsAnd more Stimulus this one was gone as fast as it came, because people were already in the hole of a hole this 1400.00 helped but will not last or carry families through these rough times! Please more checks til pandemic ends. We can’t go by the econom… See More2 . David ManosWhat will it be like when the current infrastructure, i.e. bridges, etc. crumble before our very eyes? Look around folks, this country is rapidly becoming a “Shithole” country. People (Unlike many seem to think), DO want to work/contribute to the over… See More3  Custom name catfish fishing camo 3d full print hoodie

Custom name catfish fishing camo 3d full print hoodie

Ruth MoxomWe can accomplish anything if we could get billionaires and large corporations to pay their fair share in taxes.But first we must get money out of politics by overturning Citizens United which has totally destroyed our country.4 . Top FanStephen SmithToo much common sense for republicans 6 . Eva WrightBow about we do this, but make it for 20 million Americans, creating 2.5 million well payed union jobs and so on..  . Melissa SchneiderU.S. Senator Bernie Sanders – Please be sure there is NO SMOKING on the properties!! This is often overlooked & ends up making the whole complex a smoking complex. Thanks so much!3 . Diana M AshworthI wanna know when you and Jane plan to sell some of your homes and/or cars to help with the cost. Oh…you’re keeping all of those? Guess that’s always the way it works in communist countries….3 . Justin BatteigerHow is this going to be paid for. Let me guess though raising taxes. I think not taxes are high enough 2  Custom name catfish fishing camo 3d full print hoodie

Custom name catfish fishing camo 3d full print hoodie

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