Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day!. Never a dull moment trying to unsuccessfully hide all those affairs. What a goal.. Then why did he seek out other women if he loved his wife so much?. That is one marriage I wouldn’t look up to!! . Hahhaaaahahhaaaa! Happy Anniversary while I have someone else blow me!! . Katie Adlesic-Casey. Teresa R Cyganiak-Piraino. I really wish there was a barf Crown royal christmas ugly sweater reaction to things.. Yep..celebrate good killarythis could your last one from this side of the bars. Will you visit het in prison ?. You have got to be kidding? This marriage is a marriage of convenience theres absolutely nothing to celebrate here. PEOPLE there are other marriages that should be celebrated this is not one of them. They made it this far. Happy Anniversary.. the person who is without fault give the first criticism..go ahead let’s get it started…whose first..I will wait on you.. wait…

Crown royal christmas ugly sweater

Crown royal christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

Congratulations Crown royal christmas ugly sweater !. There was no need for Cynthia to even have such a large wedding during this pandemic we all Watched. 250 even with masks is absolutely reckless. Karly Handley. People are upset about 250 people at her wedding, where people are wearing mask. But praising the idiot at 1600 for all the maskless rallies and gatherings at the WH. Mmkkaayy. . In two weeks will be hearing how a bunch of guests started testing positive.. Way too many people . Tiffany Thrasher Congrats. I don’t even know 250 people.. She needed 250 people?. Awesome but ummmm.OK! LETS SEE HOW THIS GOES.. Congratulations . I wonder if Ne Ne was there. Mask is protection. Selfish. Debbie Mistretta. Tari Turner. god help you. Play GIF. Hope its a protest or to many people. And here come the Divorce . Congratulations to the happy couple!. 250 guests IS messing around with peoples lives. Selfish and unnecessary.

Crown royal christmas ugly sweater

Sharon Ginsberg
I’ve decorated and doing Halloween. Putting the candy in a basket and doing honor method. The candy is wrapped and sealed in a factory and I am not touching it. I’ve had the bags sitting on my dining room table for 3 weeks and I’m sure it was sittin… . Tami Martinez
I bought my kids such fun snacks and candy. We are going to lounge and watch Halloween movies! My normal trick or treaters can enjoy our Halloween decorations to take pics with! There is definitely fun alternatives!

. Well maybe the picture on the headline is not a good representation how you should safely trick or treat. Have candy out what is already wrapped individually . Many way to celebrate from dress up family party, to hiding candy in the back yard and they have to find with a flashlight. To neighbourhood costume parades. Lots of way.

How is knocking vs candy placed out any better? Multiple hands digging through candy or 1 hand. Why are you rushing things. Halloween. it is not to the end of month. i have not even gone out to get candy yet.-Joyce. My kids are older but I will pass this year to try and help slow the spread of this virus. You can make halloween fun with out taking kids door to door. A year off to help save lives will be the route I go this year. Kids should trick or treat no matter what! Why ruin Halloween? Why should they let fear control them? People need to live their best lives without fear of this virus!. Christy Starr VanHarten. Ragan Markopoulos Schalkle
We are trick or treating no matter what!. Just go out and trick or treat like you always have. Enough with the fear mongering already.. Kimberly Caraveo
Are those unwrapped gummy bears in that bowl?

Taking candy from a bowl is no different than going to a grocery store and picking out your groceries. Just think of the thousands of hands that have touched every single item in the store, including the candy you think is safer for your children. Wipi… . We should make candy bags for the kids to just grab and go it’s simple and easy.. We’re going trick or treating

. Start sharing pic of you and your family . There are too many alternatives this year for these ADULTS to be acting so selfishly. You can do a scavenger hunt in the backyard or around the house for the candy and other little treats; have a SMALL (like 10-12 people) get together exclusively with … See More. Not sure why anyone would want to take their kids out to collect candy during this time. Or let alone hand out candy. My kids are 12 and 8 and its not the end of the world for them that they arent participating this year. They know why and they are … See More

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