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You fooled us with your Conservative talk in ads before the election, I will do my best to make sure you are a one term Governor sham on you!. It is important right now to be calling and contacting state legislators (and perhaps even Church Pew Lee) to make clear to them that you do not support “Red Flag Laws”. Crack fishing american flag bedding set Why? We are already getting information that indicates that REPUBLICAN legislators are calling their peers and trying to build support for passing a Red Flag Law in Tennessee.. Stupid phone os mis spelting um Fenech Noé × Whats upar with Thatcher ?. Christians in TN are cheering because the Gov. says he’ll sign a law making it harder for LGBT folks to adopt. How did gay people become the scapegoat here? TN is 81% Christian. If straight Christians would stop abandoning their children, gay folks wouldn’t have to adopt them

Crack fishing american flag bedding set

Crack fishing american flag bedding set 1

Becky McCloud BoydMaybe someone can address the fact that many of us are skipped over for cable/dsl/fiber internet because we have too many trees in our yard and not enough neighbors to make it “economically feasible.” When you only live 4 miles from a progressive city and are near the intersection of two highways, you should have more than expensive, non-reliable satellite internet as an option. I sure hope someone can solve this issue.4 . Christine RamosGovernor Lee, please don’t get carried away with this. We chose to move to Fentress County because it IS rural. If we wanted traffic, strip malls and fast food chains as far as the eye could see we would have moved to Cookeville.4 . Sheila Long DavisI agree with Melissa 100%.I cannot wait to see all the wonderful things you Governor Lee will do for our great state of Tennessee!7 . Debbie BoydThese Counties need to elect stronger County and City officials who will work harder to bring more economical growth to their Counties. I live in Sequatchie Co. We finally got a Walmart and a couple of good Plants to work in ,New Erlanger Emergency Facility and working on getting a new Hospital .The Walmart was a shocker lol. The opportunities are out there you have to go seek them and not just sit behind a desk drawing a pay check. Some of these counties have more than our County does. Some less it is all according to who we put in these offices on election day. You can not just vote for someone who will show favoritism to you or your kid just to keep you from going to jail or help keep your job . .you have to look at the whole picture not just what you want to see. That is the biggest problem in all counties..3  Crack fishing american flag bedding set

Crack fishing american flag bedding set

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