We are exposed , effected and compelled by what you are thinking and creating , your imagination and creativity draw our virtual future and unfortunately, we are following what you are creating and believe that is our computing future.. Thanks mark sir, today it is possible what we lost in past to get through your Facebook app. May God always bless you to search new- new feature to connect with other needy people. Facebook is great medium to connect with the people n it is possible be… . I just want to connect in real timenot virtual. No one will know whats real. The world is already confused about Truth, imagine when they get confused about Reality. You might want to check with all the sources you have available on what could go w… See More. This would be Great for people with physical limitations to be able to experience virtual movement and interaction Cows 3d christmas sweater

Cows 3d christmas sweater

Cows 3d christmas sweater - pic 1

Never trust someone who not only lacks basic social skills but has major interest in keeping people separate from each other.. These comments complaining to mark directly with their personal problems with Facebook are hilarious, like the CEO has time to personally see to your specific Facebook problem. STOP CENSORING CONSERVATIVE VOICES. STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST FREEDOM OF SPEECH. your half-fact checking is ridiculous. WHO ARE THESE FACTCHECKERS? Not Professionals in the subject matter!. My suggestion to you mark is stay out of politics.. I advise you to stop suppressing the hidden truth from all over the world Cows 3d christmas sweater especially the evil . Cant wait so hurry up, Mark because I am 97 years old!! Sounds interesting!!!!. Great can you stop selling my privacy to ad agencies please?. Mark I need help getting back on FB ! I’m on Safari but not as good! All messed up . I have no app either.Guess I need to change my password if I can get back on! Thank YOU!!!

Cows 3d christmas sweater

Dear Mark, I thought this may be the way to communicate and the topic of virtual reality would segue nicely.. VR headsets does ruin eyesight. But no one seems to care about it. Good luck with it. A good one Mark Zuckerberg and i am happy that Facebook policy team is working hard for upcoming elections, i just hope that your team expand facebook operations in apac and bring more exciting updates for creators in the region such as music and film … . You might want to work on fixing your terrible customer service and you definitely need to change the name of your 30 day worry free returns.. Want a real life experience? Hey just go outside, say hello to the first one you meet. Youd be amazed at the mysteries that are out there.. Please continue to prioritize battery life! I love my quest but the battery life is rough (understandably).

Surely the development of this VR second generation, offerring more sophisticated features, is a guaranteed success for your team and for users.
Your teams continued efforts in developing your AR initiative is very commendable. As an icon in this field of future reality, your great ideas and continuous development separates you from the rest. Congratulations
to you and your team. More power.. Love my Oculus! Maybe we should have waited to buy this one… does it work any more consistently than the new Facebook? If not, I will wait until you figure out how to fix it.. I LOVE my Quest. The Link Beta helps me use it to play steam games and I am VERY thankful for that capability! Keep it up!. Have you built in ways for Russia to gently manipulate me through an algorithm or something? And then you could kind of refuse to do anything about it when it becomes clear that it’s a massive problem? That’s the kind of product I look to Facebook, Inc…

I wishes you build a chat on watch nearbly to each other then make people more friendly also must have behavour detail opposite that showing on screen too. Also during the way on walk side have to carefull traffic like a car running during accross the … . I will happily test these for you if you would kindly send me some, iam the uk and hopefully if they are as work as good as they look i will write you a great review. I also have two teenage age sons that would also test them.. I am an old primate recently checked out from the Zoo and have little technical background; other than my experience in collecting termites with sticks and things like that.. This reminds me of that movie with Michael Douglas and Demi moore.. then one where she is his boss and they work at a company that uses virtual reality-based technology

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