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You mean The Great Reset? Which has nobody’s best wishes at heart except you and the other billionaires with a god complex. came up with a scheme that supposedly controls citizens’ freedoms, which he says is to help them escape poverty. billgates he is a dictator . Dear bill gates,who made you the president of the world?You talk as though you were the spokesperson of humanity. I ask Bill Gates, Can you see after informations of your FB, every day? Because I think there is so more news. which are very important that you cannot reads,. More useless than ever, not the organisation it was built for and the vast majority of the world knows this. #disgustinghumans. You don t help Africa….too many childrens dies….. too many moms cry for your childrens….find a way to help people to Africa….please…..covid is not solution….love and care from poor is solution…. Free food for all federal government programs without debt. Cowgirl Be strong be brave poster

Cowgirl Be strong be brave poster

Cowgirl Be strong be brave poster 3

Unlike many other business owners, you are always out there to help the other people! You inspire me everyday to go beyond my own life!. I got that book at that time, it came with a CD with a virtual tour of his future home and digital copy of the book. Bill Gates you did not get the concept of public kiosks wrong. It was too short lived for you to notice … and maybe did not exist in the US. We had something very similar in India called Cyber Cafe and it was a rage till internet infrastructure becam… See More. Computers have definitely changed the World. Cowgirl Be strong be brave poster If only we could all get along.. You do not love anyone, much less appreciate humanity, your feelings are the love of riches, for you the right thing is that there are too many poor people on this planet, we know too well, their supposed good intentions

Cowgirl Be strong be brave poster

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The UN doesn’t deal in reality. It’s a feel good club for guilty feeling elite. Such a joke!!! Break it, rebuild but make it be effective. The problem is the being effective isn’t always the easiest route. No one is willing to make hard decisions … See More. Dear Mr Bill Gates. Why do people hate you?. The UNITED NATION is just a viechle to fulfill your a gender, mr we are no longer full in the name of charities while on the other hand you are killing us. It’s always them world elites suppressed everything that slows them from greediness information, cures, even schools teach u lies, false beliefs we are nothing to them you can see that in each and every country all over the world they exist we don’t. Man dominates man for its destruction… We need Gods Kingdom. (Matthew 6:9-10)bible.. UN is silent about poverty, ethnic cleansing, corrupt leadership and other issues it should focus on. At this point it should be dismantled and deemed a charitable organization.

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…a thinker a visionary an action believer and solution achiever. All rolled into one makes you a great writer too. I started admiring you after reading the road ahead. I think that would reach a high point after reading about life and future with climate change solutions! In yet another path finding book. Best wishes!. And I would just like to say “Thank You” for your ingenuity!. This is visionary.. Bill… I have been a Microsoft consumer as far back as Windows 1.0… And I’m sure there are others who can say the same… I think that loyalty that should go both ways… so when it comes to the xbox series x being sold on Ebay and others for $2,000… See More
Now PS5 scalper group claims it’s obtained 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles | VGC. Thanks Bill to you and some others who from behind the veil make a huge difference when others refuse to.

What a great knews to care about the terrible illnes of alzheimer,hope this world end in this pandemic situations,your book are interesting,also if they stop to do ,or to used alcohol,marijuana and other bad drugs for their heads,and they stand firm,In… See More. Derek Springer. dear bill gate , creativity always demands resourcefulness especially economy to make it practical. europes colony to africa was because of their creativity of technology and science which were developed in fear of future war and came here to do it pra… See More. I’m trying to find out about a certain post that was made by Bac Ardi offering money. I need to know if it’s legit. Since BacArdi is your assistance. Mr. Bill let me know. I reported it as Spam because how is it possible to offer money but yet expect p… See More. Every Change Is Not Suitable For World We Have to Choose Good Changes ,Not Bad…

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