Call for an ambulance if the situation involves a mental health issue. The police handle crimes.. Yes they should, when havoc breaks in psych unit we first call security. If they are properly trained yes. The changes needs too happened at the police Academy.. I feel like police officers need mental health training. I dont know that hiring mental health experts to be part of the police force would help with when police need to take quick action in a situation.. I believe we used to lock up the criminally insane. Since when is it ok to not protect the public from dangerous people.. Please please never call the copsthey don’t know how to handle it!!!! If it’s a family member Call friends or family to help (surround yourself with people who understand). They should send televangelists! This way if they’re killed they’ll be happy because they’ll be in heaven! Cowboys christmas ugly sweater

Cowboys christmas ugly sweater

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Jackie was elegant! I would never compare her to the current First Lady.. Nothing to compare! Jackie Kennedy was a legend of her own, so please dont TARNISH her name of comparing to anybody.. I’m going to skip this one. I studied the Kennedy family for years and I just can’t anymore. With all of the tragedies, I just can’t anymore.. Such a classy first lady. Michelle Obama too. We lost class in the White House in 2016.. She was very well dressed but I’m not sure if she was intelligent. Back then then we didn’t have the technology that we have today to evaluate First Ladies. I didn’t like that when she talked she sounded like a little girl. She sounded fake. She al… . Both respectful people. She was a Beautiful first lady. John gave us hope for the civil rights movement. I was so full of tears and sad at the same time. So much tragedy in one family. Cowboys christmas ugly sweater Play GIF

Cowboys christmas ugly sweater

They were a beautiful couple, and she was a lovely woman with charm and style. So much heartache in their family, but she held herself together with class. Rest in peace She was a class act, eloquent in three languages, very well mannered and poised, such a beautiful and elegant woman. My favorite First Lady!!!. Always admired her. She was a class act through and through. She held her head up high all the time especially through the bad times. Sadly missed and the whole way our government acted presidential. Need that back. Vote Blue. She spoke 3 languages, was very interested in the arts and cultural world. She went to ‘finishing school’ where women in those days were taught manners, social graces and becoming a dignified lady who spoke softly and eloquently. Never understood how s… . Jackie had strength that not many woman have. Just imagine yourself in a convertible and someone shot your husband and his brain matter and blood is now on you. SEEMS she could of ended up with PTSD. Not many woman could handle life after that. In t… See More

Law enforcement should definetly not be dealing with mental health calls. We need a team strong individuals who can subdue the person and take them to a mental health hospital for evaluation and can be released when they can adapt to society again if … . Psych nurse hereMobile crisis will not respond until police is on sight. Some not all but some are so psychotic they become a danger to self or others.. In situations like those the first on the first responder should be a CNN reporter. Who can be more able to deal with someone who has lost track of reality than a CNN reporter who has no clue of reality.. Its on american but just look at how other countries are dealing better with everything than the US does.. One of the problems is misinterpreting what’s going on by law enforcement. A lot of times if acting out is handled correctly it ends peacefully.

Will Melanin Trump be included in this series?. Were sorry Melania tore out your cherry trees.. We will plant new ones. . You just compared melania to jackie oh how dare you. The days of elegant classy First Ladies are over..now we have an escort with nude pics all over the internetwhose language on tape last week said F…K. Christmas when asked about White House decorations..how we have fallen. My parents were republicans, but my mom had all the Life and Look magazines with pictures of them. They were just so loved! She endured so much with grace. They will always be my favorite.. Now this was a classy First Lady. . The most beautiful First Lady ever, no others even come close.. President Kennedy caused her much pain and personal embarrassment yet she continued on as a lady … She was adored by not only the Americans but also by heads of several other countries. Graceful, smart , a protective wonderful mother. Her own perso…

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