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I have seen every Eddie Murphy film. Dolemite is the best by FAR. Watched it twice, probably will watch it again. I was cheering and encouraging Ray during the whole film and I cried so much when he made it . Great movie he was great all the faces he mad to get the Rudy Ray Moore look was on point. I just don’t get it this movie and Mr. Church was great. I think they both should have been in all the movie house all over.. Eddie Murphy is one of the finest comedians since the early 80s. Cowboy You Don’t Stop Riding When You Get Old Poster YOUTUBE.COM The Hippie Pastor – 100. The movie was nostalgic, I remembered all those albums,growing was good to see Wesley at work too.. Thank you so much Eddie for this excellent movie and thank you to the supporting crew. Watching on Netflix France. . Watched it last night. Bloody hell it was great seeing you back on the screen Eddie!!!

Cowboy You Don’t Stop Riding When You Get Old Poster

This is one of your best performances ever!! Thank for making us laugh again. What an awesome movie, welcome back Eddie!!!. Eddie Murphy you almost made me cry at the end. Great Movie! I didn’t know how the story ended, so I worried for Dolemite the whole time. I’ll have to watch it again relaxed….. Great Movie. I loved everything about it. It reminded me of when I was a kid watching Eddie. Movies and stand up. Thanks Eddie.. Who needs a Dolemite poster? Original. Idea for a new movie of “A Prince in New York”. Couldn’t watch all the Browns game last Sunday and needed a laugh. This is hilarious! . I loved the movie nice to see Eddie Murphy back on top of his game!. Coming 2 America Cowboy You Don’t Stop Riding When You Get Old Poster Beverly Hills Cop. Eddie is back with the funniest movie in years . I used to watch Dolemite as a kid and I loved who Eddie showed us who he was outside of him as an actor and comedian. It was like the viewer saw him as a person.

Cowboy You Don’t Stop Riding When You Get Old Poster

Just watched this movie again today for the second time. I give it a 10+ , two thumbs up. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a very long time.. Great movie, I put in the same class with Coming to America.. Laughing right from the start of the first scene and truly inspired by the end! Great start to the come back tour! #GOAT. Eddie, you are the best! Like always! How many times I watch a movie with you, I go into another world. They separate me from everything and everything. Thanks.. Eddie, this movie was wonderful. I had a smile on my face the entire time, and not just because it was funny. It’s a very human story about real, relatable people, and you knocked your performance out of the park. Really just a beautiful piece of filmm… See More. Although I love Eddie and the movie was funny, I learned a real lesson. Never count yourself out and believe in you. I admired how determined Dolemite was to be a star. He risked it all to be a star and that’s amazing. That’s what it takes!

What a dopamine rush!!!! My favorite of all time!! Eddie!! . Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.. I just hope he actually does some comedy, anyone else remember the last time?. Hi Eddie Murphy Hoping your agent got you the advanced copy of my novelty book which my rep couriered over. Hoping it put a giggle in your day!:D. Eddie I love you! I can’t WAIT!!! . Can’t wait… Happy Thanksgiving . I wish i was Lizzo just to be in the same room as Eddie Murphy. I’m Loving It Eddie show them how it’s done. I adoree you,Happy Thanksgiving day,my dream in this life its just one. Too see you and give you a big.kiss from.the bottom of my heart,Eri. I’m so looking forward to seeing him on SNL again it’s like Christmas is coming early for me. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Murphy. Regards from Canada . Nice!

I actually love the fact that EM’s hasn’t gotten those hideous veneers like everything celebrity. Smile and laugh is gold. I just finished watching Dolemite, it’s not an old-fashioned comedy, it’s not an action movie but a MOVIE.. I love the movie. I loved seeing Eddie Murphy and Snipes back in movies. I missed them.. Listen I watched this last night and as usual, Eddie Murphy was brilliant in this. This movie was hilarious and makes me want to see the original Dolemite movie…” Put some weight on it” took me all the way out. Great movie! Loved it! Need more Eddie content!. Loved it. Been waiting for a good Eddie Murphy movie and this is it. Got to get back on it Eddie we need more laughter in our lives!!! Everybody to serious about no issues these days. Seeing it today, thanx for all the laughs & superb character in Dreamgirls.

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