With one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, US Space Force troops have now boldly gone where many American soldiers have gone before ? Coors light christmas ugly sweater ” Middle East ! May be Qatar needs Democracy this time ! Play GIF GIPHY Great for democracy and peace in the Middle East. America always saves the world only a matter of time before they are deployed along the southern border a harass terrified desperate migrants. after all, when the Martians come they are not going try to penetrate the best air defenses in the world anywhere ever They are going t…

Coors light christmas ugly sweater

Coors light christmas ugly sweater- pic 1

Good grief! They should’ve deployed for the aliens in the WH. Coors light christmas ugly sweater Well, those aliens will think twice now before invading that nation with the US Space Force present there. Why what does quatar have the US hasnt…. Theres obviously something…… The US doesn’t deploy unless its in there interest. Penelope Blansett Frulla What a joke, just like their creator. How embarrassing “To space and beyond”

Coors light christmas ugly sweater

Qatar is spelled wrong in the headline.
Ryan A. Crowley
Maybe if they didnt pay so much to management they could afford to employ literate staff.
Meanwhile inside The Space Force base
Here’s the commanding officer..
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Cheryl Fleegle
And so, in a galaxy not very far away, the space farce begins…
Who thought it was a good idea to make Space Force” uniforms out of camouflage print?
The FARCE be with them, but the last time I checked, the country is Qatar, there is no u, editors beware.

They are going to a land so far away from space too
Maybe they got lost on the way to space and just thought we will land here
As every reasonable and civilized nation is working toward minimizing foreign influence, on the other hand, Arab nations are still relying on their enemies for protection against their people.
Where No one wanted to go.before!
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Ooh do I get to be the first to say that Quatar is not a real deployment!!!!

Great. Exactly the same way Navy and Airforce is deployed on Mars
Mark Hoffman
the eagle landed in the wrong place, aint they supposed to be in space, a galixy far away, or something like that
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//It comes amid a Space Force recruiting drive and criticism that it is a vanity project for President Donald Trump.//Really? I first heard the criticism from the BBC…
Matt Nelson
Thats someone else space… Still not space”

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