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You and your family are an amazing team. Thank you for all you continue to do in advocating and creating training opportunities for young Americans.. Those of us not blinded by hate are aware of all he has accomplished for our country . Thank you for all the programs you implemented to help American workers.. Thank you, Ivanka, for all you and your family have accomplished these past 4 years. No one has worked so hard as your father, all while having a whirlwind of resistance at his face. . I wish in some ways I was still working at the department of Education. This would have been exciting.. Because the media refused to cover all these many job enhancement efforts, a large number of citizens never knew what all was done to help America.. Thank you Ivanka for all you have done for the American worker and students. Of course the Left hardly mentioned your good works. Come to valhalla we have mead mug

Come to valhalla we have mead mug

We really enjoyed you coming to Wichita and toured Textron Aviation!. Tracey Schultz Mietzner. Thank you for caring about us all. Our veterans and military above all. You knew who and what could be trusted.. I will miss you so much. Our lives will never be the same . God Bless You Sweetie And Keep Up The Fine Work And Hope To See One Of You Run In 2024 . Amen. Thank you Ivanka! And your family. And your father President DJT. Hardest working POTUS in my lifetime.. I hope your father declares martial law. Wonderful president he could never be replaced and do the thongs he did for this country.. God bless and protect President Trump and family!! America loves our President and First Family!! . Symeon Onipede. The right policies to promote American workers! Politicians have no clue on such forward thinking initiatives.. Sherrie Steinke. Will miss you all. Thank you! The Peoples President. The Peoples First Family. Now we’ll have #ChinaOwnedJoe and his coke sniffing son as part of the #fakefirstfamily. Sad future for our country. Come to valhalla we have mead mug

Come to valhalla we have mead mug

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