Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat


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Lol, give us new content. We deserve it, it’s 10th there should be a surprise.. I hope you have a big surprise for us.. I love you guys and i appreciate all you’ve done for us. Thank you.. This is not the end. I will see their faces again I love them. One Direction is the best boyband in the world, thanks for everything, they’re the best singers in the world, you know? You 5 deserve full recognition, in conclusion, I love you. when will the clownery end? Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat Pause GIF. Rediscover . We can’t wait for you guys to comebac. We miss you so much! . the only re we want is reunion but okay, thank you!. Will there goes the reunion with this pandemic going on. At least one presentation has to be with Zain.. RELEASE INFINITY~. Coming back or not ,we love you, we support you,we love every single one of you guys

Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat

Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat 4

It’s ok if they won’t release the infinity music vedio but they will be back that’s much than more. Guys!!! Stop watching the video and streaming the old music for a while!! This is Syco trying to milk one direction for the last of their contract! Notice how none of the boys have posted individually about this!!!! They posted about 10 year but nothin… See More. I don’t know what ya guys are planning to do but u guys are playing with my feelings,u terrible dancers.(. one direction is my very fav idol but just in case zayn javadd malik left one direction but i still I idolize 1D because one direction still made the song even without zayn malik ………. Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat one direction ️ ️ ️ ️ . Your songs are my most favourite One Direction.. Please comeback with a Country album.Maybe this is the request by many country hearts like me.

Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat

Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat 3

24 HOURS ONLY? Okay, deal. ONLY IF you will release the INFINITY music video. Alwasy 5 in heart not 4. Already have the DVD watch all the time when I need my 1d fix. I’m about to make a fiction story about one direction but they deleted the video so yeah all the plots in my mind went gone HAHHA. So today is the last day that ur accs are being active. No way. Im getting used to it. So please comeback :((. Give us the infinity video, that’s all we want. Ok I’m happy this is up bit why only 24 hours that downt give me enough time to watch it about 5000 times and cry each times because of how much I miss you guys. Why only 1Day?. Where is infinity MV?. Okay no deal. 24 hours only won’t work. Some of us get separation anxiety.. and then you’ll be inactive again? Sad-

Check ya energy before you come in this house doormat 2

is this why they delete it???. Find new singers and new vocalists or else end up finish the only thing left in One Direction. This Billboard Vote Is Important! Not For An Award But For Google To Show Best BoyBand Of All Time! At This Point , If you can’t stand with 1D, then you are not a Real Directioner! Please! Do Vote 1D.
Let’s make a comeback Directioners
https:… See More
What’s Your Favorite Boy Band of All Time? Vote!. Can we talk about infinity music video?. Are they 5 or 4 ?. I’m so excited. Of course I’ll watch it. Thank you so much boys!. 10 years of the best band in the world that saved my life thanks for everything One Direction. Guys… BTS fans trolled me for supporting One direction
What should I do,… Thank you for being such a great singer we all love you

This concert will always have soft spot in my heart :((. You realize we’ve all watched this already? Please stop using millions of fans just for money. Release something that isn’t recycled. One Direction really has messed up my sleep schedule . One Direction the best boy band that will ever exists I still hope they will come back together someday. No one cares we’ve Already seen it! Release Infinity! The world is horrible enough as it is don’t do this to us too!. guys it’s on youtube already, like someone posted it years ago the whole movie. well still have it.. I went to that concert in 2014. This tour is amazing we love you one direction forever. Is that concert going live in sansiro. so whens the reunion tour announcement??. Why is it only for 24 hours? Btw RELEASE THE INFINITY MUSIC VIDEO!!!!. Y’all are being too nice tbh. One Direction kinda owed it to us to give us at least a group photo/video/interview or something.

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