Cat You are strong you are risilient poster


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Teach me to dream. Pray for uganda Cat You are strong you are risilient poster because the president ordered police to shoot whosoever doesn’t support him and his presidential aspirants opponents are man handled by the police which is compromised by his rotten regime . Thats the difference between President Obama and Trump! Obama started a foundation to help young people, Trump scammed young people out of their hard earned money!. I hope the African communities may Benefit from this great fundation.. Great, and you give hope! Hilda Fanta from Austria.. This is the image of America and democracy that gives people all over the world hope and inspiration.. As good Americans band together to stand for what is right they become a much bigger force than the problem. All the best dear America’s people president . President Obama a great man,hope Joe Biden& Kamala Harris to make great America for future.. What I love about this photo is how many happy people are captured. The Obamas know how to create happy vibrant communities

Cat You are strong you are risilient poster

Cat You are strong you are risilient poster 3

The best president ever, I love your wife. Thank you for keeping this country great from others!. I can’ not believe how people could possibly not like and appreciate this man!!!. This should be an inspiration for all countries. That’s right, fundraising to help others instead of fundraising to help one’s own ego & baseless claims. Love you Obamas!. The Best President USA has ever had,so powerful & influential. It’s like you are still the incumbent President. You are such of a kind Your Excellence. Do you know Ugandan young people thousands are inspired by you but you haven’t come out to atleast say something about the situation were museveni is killing lots of people. NOTHING SURPRISES ABOUT OUR BARACK OBAMA. READING HIS BOOK PROMISED LAND EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS SO GREAT HIS CHILDHOOD TEENAGERHOOD MARRIED MAN COMMUNITY SERVICES FATHER PRESIDENTE FOUNDER OF THIS INSTITUTION IS ANOTHER ACCOMPLISHMENT BY THIS AWESOME … See More Cat You are strong you are risilient poster

Cat You are strong you are risilient poster

Cat You are strong you are risilient poster 2

You are a great man of valor Mr. Obama, my model., my mentor. We are the change that we wait. The cynics may be loudest voices–but God Know they will accomplish the least~Dr.wambuamwove. Oh! That’s Great Our African Hero . You And The Late Mandela Are The Heros Of Africa . You’re Such A Caring Man. Everyone Loves You. God Bless You !. Obama is exceptional leader who was the most beloved President of US. His services for humanity would be rememberd ,he is the great source of inspiration for better future of human civilization. I proud of you Obama . ‪Obama you’re great! You had a great career, you’re capable and strong, but this time choose to be on the side of the people and forget the money, just one time. You’ll discover how it feels to do the right thing. It’s an amazing feeling, try once! ‬. Barack Obama’s sincere care for the world will always be remembered. God bless you more courage to do the best for the poorest of the poor

Cat You are strong you are risilient poster 1

This is how good aura is depicted ♡ Everyone around them is smiling effortlessly! The world is better with people like them . “We don’t turn back. We leave no one behind. We pull each other up!!!. You haters can say any stupid thing you choose about this great man but truth is he loves and cares for all folk…..’and that’s Godly….. And helped this generation understand how to dump cons and liars out the White House!. Let’s do it! Obama and Michelle you’re great and brave human beings! Thank you so much. I give you both a big biggggg hug from Évora Portugal. It’s great to see you are fighting hard everyday Mr. President. Please Barack Obama remember the poor african child also,many live without hope in slums without food,water and education.. Trump is still the president of America. World leaders should serve us by your example…… leaving white house didn’t mean you stopped being a leader…….You are one strong leader…..An inspiration to many

Absolutely Sir!
Never let down small business because “It’s small drops that maketh the OCEAN!”
The day we destroy small businesses we are allowing big brands to monopolise price advantage for the common man.
Binoy John Dr. You have always been a great model to emulate. Keep inspiring Mr Obama.. Support Small Businesses
Support Egyptian writers
I am an Egyptian writer and I am proud. Look at all those beautiful smiles from every angle. I am wondering what jokes President Obama had said. November 28,2020 I had a dream me and my cousin Sheriff Alpha were with Obama and Biden, funnily enough Obama was running up an open quiet space to… See More. Very good advice Mr. President even though today, social networks prevent us from being active in bookstores to read educational books. Your time and time today are not comparable unfortunately
But hey, let’s get started . And what better book to order than “A Promised Land”.
Thank you for using your talents, developing your gifts and working hard for our world, Mr. President.
… See More

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