Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler


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Good choice by VF by going with the red dress for the cover. . Beautiful! Good morning from southern Arizona!. a wonder of woman.. easy choice for Cleopatra.. More women should go swimming in red latex dresses. . Beautiful! And, also, don’t listen to all of those ignorant people who are giving you a hard time about the Cleopatra casting. You will make an excellent Cleopatra and I’m looking forward to seeing it!. József Kovács Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler The most beautiful woman in the world. She really is a wonder woman.. When I learned a few years back that you were the new Wonder Woman I was thinking that you had quite a pair of shoes to fill. After watching the movie I thought that you were amazing – and now have watched WW a gazillion times. Thank you for this. I ca… See More. So where is she? Looks like Hawaii!. Perfect casting for Cleopatra in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing it

Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler

Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler 1

Looking forward to your role as Cleopatra!. You know… I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people recognize that Cleopatra was Greek when Gal originally made ger announcement regarding that role.. Princess of Themyscira, Queen of Egypt . as a certified beauty therapist, i would have done your under arm for free, with pleasure. i loved Linda Carter but i prefer you, keep up the good work, Wonder Woman. Good for you not giving in to cancel culture keep it up girl!. Hey Ms. Gadot, of hearing about u taking on the role of Pharaoh Cleopatra, I believe u will be fantastic as one of the most iconic historical figures. Simply beautiful, perfect casting for wonder woman and in my opinion the best film in the dc lineup. a lot of success in your new interpretation as Cleopatra, we are with you and we love you very much !!! Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler

Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler

Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler 3

Your a perfect wonder woman and you look wuite striking in that dress. Great picture, certainly brightened my day up in a very wet and rainy, North Yorkshire, England.. All 10 people who are angry with this post have something in common. LOL. Not a coincidence . How come you are perfect and i am not? . Gal Gadot what a gorgeous photograph. I cannot wait for WW1984 to come out, as well as your other projects. It was an honor and pleasure to work with you at Ace Comic Con when it was at Nassau Coliseum. You and the rest of the Justice League cast were … See More. utiful as always Gal, I’m from Brazil and I have a 16-year-old son with mild autism, the other day we saw the Wonder Woman movie and he said to me, “If I were to live in the United States, I could date her, right?” And I replied that Gal is already mar… See More

Cat shh my coffee and i are having a moment tumbler 2

Very beautiful I would love to meet you in person be day I wish I can get get your autograph as wonder women one day i’am a huge fan from California.. I’m big fan of wonder woman and fast and furious characters. I want to see development of fast and furious character Gisele . I hope you will provide best proformance . Love from a fan . One of the kindest sweetest most caring people alive today, she deserves all the success in the world. Come to México again!! We love you!!. So where was it shot?. I saw Gal in person at SDCC in 2017. I was like 5 feet from her…. She’s the very definition of movie star. She had grace, class and beauty. Amazing. Aaron Stechesen. My one and only crush.. We are always together in my dreams.. only in dreams.. Im a fan of yours.. Always take care of your self…

This is amazing news! I can’t wait to see you. As a Latin teacher and fan of your Wonder Woman films, I am so excited about your new project! She needs to be seen from a new perspective!. A Yancy Rodgez. I can already imagine you’d be perfect for cleopatra. Amazing casting decision.. Matthew Carter. What a magnificent project! The character of Cleopatra should be inspiring for all women and girls who wish to take their fate in their hands !. Tyler Way. This should be interesting! I’ve always loved the stories of Cleopatra …. the classic Elizabeth Taylor movie. Can’t wait to see what you two have come up with.. Cleopatra is one of my favourite historical figures and you are perfect for this role . I’m a guy but WOW am I excited!! Just finished reading the novel of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony! Couldn’t put it down! Even more excited to see YOU in the starring role. Huge fan in every way!!

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