Cardinal I Can Only Imagine Poster



in life we ​​should appreciate life and the joy of small things and thank you for every day health I would like to ask you for your photo or poster with a signature I love your movies and I love you very much as a man thank you very much and you are a… See More. The best part of the movie was his loyalty to his friends… and never giving up!. Excellent Movie!. ad me. I´m your fan number one. I´m your fan number one. I´m your fan number one. I´m your fan number one. I want to see Eddie Murphy Star in “The Life of James Brown ” with your voice i think it would be such an amazing movie.. Your awesome Eddie.. The world can never have enough Eddie Murphy films!. Love any movie u do. Chat with Seinfeld just hung on every memory. Yes, never saw u, do stand up again. Cardinal I Can Only Imagine Poster

Cardinal I Can Only Imagine Poster

Thanks for the inspiration Eddie Murphy before it’s all over can we have An American Black story of Royalty before it’s all over? We Kings In America too. Happy holidays Bro, We are so proud of what you are here in Cameroon. Happy Christmas my dear. Love you so much and this film… Loving Everything That you Star in and write, very creative, Congratulations !. Merry Christmas, Your Highness, Akim King of Zamunda. Merry Christmas Eddie! fav comedian of all time! Can’t wait to see Coming 2 America! ..also read there is another Beverly Hills Cop in the future! Can’t wait.. I’ll never forget the year you came with a gift son & I after my husband died that made our Christmas bright along with a surprise visit from you. I’m looking forward to seeing your new movie. God Bless you and yours, Merry Christmas.. Still handsome as ever! Cardinal I Can Only Imagine Poster

Cardinal I Can Only Imagine Poster

Right back at you Sir Happy holidays and god bless from my family in the lovely country of Barbados And I hope you have a sunshine New year. Merry Christmas Eddie! Really excited about coming to America 2!!. Merry Christmas to you and your awesome family! May Heaven keep you all safe and well! May peace guard your minds and souls in these rough moments! May all good gifts come to you!. Merry Christmas, Your Royal Highness, Akeem. I can’t wait to watch the sequel to your greatest movie (of all time).. Merry Christmas Eddie! You should get on that Gulfstream and come to Alaska for a while in these crazy times! I got your back even though you told me to get out of your house one night in Benedict cyn, you are always welcome in mine.. Happy Holidays peace and continued blessings to you and your family!. Happy holidays to you too Eddie can’t wait to see your new movie I know it’s going to be a blast

Nice we wish you all the best for next year! Your the best! Kind regards Erik from Gotland/Sweden. Merry Christmas from our home to yours. I hope you make a second movie of Coming to America. Loved it.. Happy Holidays Sir!! Hope you and your family are having great day. Stay safe. From my family to yours.. 2020 can be perfect vision, because as a year its way far from perfect.
Losing Bert Reynolds a true . King Murphy, you have returned to us! We all sing with the joyous songs penned by St. Carlin.. I had a dream of Eddie’s actions years past because I was his fan.though never been to America I saw him on gold roads with the usual actions. you were such an actor.made Africans happy.merry Christmas. I doubt that you will read this, but Merry Christmas to you and your family Mr. Murphy..Could you answer one question? Did you ever consider Ray J to play your son in Coming to America 2??

I watched the movie (come to america) yesterday…. amazing and sooo funny…. I loved the fashion and specially african fashion and omgggg all the girls are sooo beautiful in the movie…… Happy Holidays to you from this snowy Estonia!. Happy holidays to the best actor out there!. Merry Christmas! I know you’re busy with family & all. I would greatly appeciated if you can assure I am not followed around in the United States. I am not a danger to myself or anyone else, nor am I a deviant in society.. Happy Christmas!. Happy holidays majesty from . I can’t wait until the movie Coming To America (2) comes out. I watched Mr. Church last night and to my surprise really enjoyed it immensely. It was a true story with a inspiring message about unconventional families, commitment, encouragement and the… See More. Happy Holiday Mr. Murphy. I love the way you performed from your previous movies specially the Coming to America, is there any part 2? Always keepsafe and God bless

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