Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster


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Absolutely. It’s time to fight for justice, fairness, rule of law and Democracy. It’s time for the people to say enough.. You would be a great SCOTUS judge. Consider it!. The nice part of your statement is we know you wrote it. Reading Trumps statement it’s obvious he did not put those complete sentences together. Thank you . Sadly we know Senator Mitch McConnell will rush the nomination process… hope Senators on both parties resist the inconsistency to save the dignity of the Supreme Court . As a Global Citizen, I do admire President Obama and his thoughts for the humanity as such .. We need your active voice and involvement on these uncertain times.. Lord, how I miss the eloquence of a President who speaks in literate sentences. A new poem penned just today in her honor by Jeremy Mitchell. The thunder rolled when I heard the news Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster Ominous, but don’t be confused

Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster

Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster 1

I truly miss you as our leader. You are a man of kindness, strength, and empathy for your fellow man. I’m actually balling my eyes out as I read this. Thank you Mr. President. My President.. We have to fight like hell for this election.. So wonderfully said. What a classy tribute for a firecracker of a woman! Her intelligence and passion for equal rights and the law will be sorely missed.. It’s an honor to have lived at the same time as RBG; seeing and feeling her wisdom and humanity in realtime.. What a fitting tribute to an amazing lady! Thank you Mr. President. She will be missed for her legal scholar mind, RIP. A friend said According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began tonight, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. What an appropriate final honor for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.. “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.” Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster

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Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster 3

Rest in Peace ,the warrior lady ! This is not an issue only for United States, that’s a global crisis where women are still being treated unequal !. Rest In Peace, Justice Ginsburg. I had the chance to speak with her once after an event but she was walking so peacefully and appeared to be in deep thought. I intentionally chose not to disturb her and experience the moment without adding words.. Cambell Evans there is never a time or place for that!. She has been a guiding light for so many years. I am hurting because we needed that light this year more than ever before. May she rest in peace and her legacy endure and inspire for generations to come. I was waiting for you to say something. Thank you. Your words and guidance are so needed right now.. Thank you for being a sincere voice during this time of national mourning.

Cardinal Bird A big piece of my heart lives in heaven poster 2

As a former Assistant Town Clerk in Massachusetts,I want you to know that each poll worker is a special gift at each election … and you should be proud. If we make voting days national holidays then maybe more younger people would be able to be poll workers. Most poll workers are senior citizens & retired. They sit long hours & are at risk for picking up viruses. I am grateful for those that can & d… See More. I hope you gain some common sense and vote blue. The republicans care nothing about you!. I will help by voting republican! Thank you for the reminder Obama. Voted republican but won’t make the same mistake twice. Done! Thanks for the encouragement!. Already completed my training, I work all elections . I very rarely wish I was American (I’m Cdn), but I wish I could volunteer as a poll worker! Anything to help people get out to vote!

We have enough people to work the polls at my polling station. How about volunteering to drive people to the polls.. Can’t say it enough….no longer POTUS, still doing way more for America than IMPOTUS and his entire administration….. I have in the past worked the polls but right now I’m in Arizona and don’t know if I will work then here.. Thank you Mr. Obama for all your support and still been around !!!. Love this,I already applied,vote blue. No one is telling you how to vote just keeping the voting booths safe. Wished I could im a high risk 59 year old ,but I will surrender my mail in vote to vote in person! Miss you stable presidency. Let’s hope we don’t lose momentum when it comes to the polls…. I’ve done it! Hope to be working as soon as they need me for as long as they need me. To do this gives me hope.

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