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Thank you for choosing someone who has experience in public schools!. Good congrats but please we need this people in Sierra Leone so that we can educate. Sounds like an amazing choice! Thank you for choosing someone who was a public school educator!. Congratulations ! I am so much proud of your Team.. I can’t believe it. I’m crying. From a current public school teacher thank you so much . Great pick! We have an educator in the family who worked with Dr. Cardona and raves about him as a great leader and genuinely good human being. Feels good to write that.. Love it! So looking forward to progress! And a focus on education seems unbelievable!. I hope you’ll choose a great role for Elizabeth Warren too!. Thank goodness a true Educator to head the Department of Education!!. Love Miguel!! We are going to miss him in CT!! So happy that you picked such great people from our small yet great state. Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster

Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster

Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster 1

I, a Bilingual first generation 4th grade educator in Texas, stand with Dr. Miguel Cardona!. Sigh. Being the youngest principal in the state isn’t an achievement — it means that you spent little time in the classroom before jumping upwards.. Finally!!! An EDUCATOR who will be a champion for children!! . A qualified educator to run the Department of Education; what a concept.. goodbye amway witch.. There is zero need for a federal department of education. Our WW education ranking have been declining for decades.. So happy to finally have someone qualified who is also an educator!. You could not have picked a better person for this job. Miguel puts students first. He backs teachers and all the educational staff. The US is lucky to have him at the helm of the educational system. I am honored to have gone to school with him, worked… See More. Out of all the incompetent people leaving the swamp, it makes me the happiest Cruella DeVos is leaving! Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster

Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster

Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster 3

Yes thank you Mr. President Donald Trump for forcing thru operation warp speed which allowed crooked old folk Joe Biden to get his vaccine. Joe the shot won’t help cognitive decline.. Uncle Joe! It’s going to be so refreshing to not have an orange dooshbag as president.. NO to all foreign aid for the countries while in our country families do not have to eat. First the Americans and first our economy that is in shambles from the pandemic. Billions of dollars for foreign governments and the American people unable to m… See More. Now that’s what I call a leader. An example. A real man! . Thank you for acting like normal people.. She’ll be a wonderful First Lady.. Nice if the front line workers that put the food on the shelves got to take it. Somehow we went from heroes to the back of the line. It’s okay

Car Racing I live my life a quarter mile at a time poster 2

I thought the first hundred days would have been spent cleaning the cheeto dust out of the drapes.. You can ask, but the current admin has been asking. Nothing new new Joe.
Millions of shots are being administered now. Nothing new Joe.. The first promise is easy enough for you to do anytime. The second one, well, better live up to it. The third one, you should be a bit more specific when you say “most schools”.. Don’t open schools until levels are lower than they were when they got shut down. Pay people to stay home like every civilized country, so kids can have in person graduations and see their grandparents in nursing homes.. Make sure we teachers get our shots soon please. I’ve been in person teaching since early August and would love to feel safe being with my students.. Great plans! Can you please throw some money at bars and live music venues?

All those who predicted doom will be shocked! The real “doom” is gone! We all know who! Continue with the healing process.. I support you Joe, but speaking from the UK, I can tell you that schools, colleges, and universities being opened is a mistake, it really is.. Wear a mask, stay home when you can and do the right thing to keep your community safe!!. Would love some student loan forgiveness, or at least getting rid of the interest!. But Joe can’t contain it alone. If you’re a true patriot, cover your faces people! It’s not like we’re being asked to hang ourselves! Do the right thing this coming year.. You just downgraded a reporter for doing his job and ask me a question. It’s funny when it’s about Donald Trump it is okay but when it is a about of your family they are wrong. Your inauguration cannot come soon enough! God Bless You for bringing integrity, honesty and compassion back to this country. You have far more to “undo” than any President in recent history to bring the world’s respect back. We are so grateful for y… See More

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