Youre already our president as far as I’m concerned, dahling. I’m ready, willing & able to put the last four years behind me, honey. You’re our guiding light. We shall follow your path, sweetheart. Lead the way. And when we get to our destination, we … . I wear my mask,you are our President . Absolutely, and Thank You for modeling behavior that protects others.. Thank you mr president i wear my mask. Thank so much indeed we waiting until you came in the Office.. you said it better! words of a visionary leader who values life of other people, the only hope for the world to curb the pandemic!. It’s like the adults just showed up! Thank you. I hope you are ready for a fight when you try taking my civil liberties. A weight has been lifted. Thank you and Harris so much for stepping up to take on this chaos. We appreciate and support you. Camping besties christmas ornaments

Camping besties christmas ornaments

Camping besties christmas ornaments- pic 1

Praying you won’t be President at all!! Also praying for the investigating team to get the truth fro this farce of an election!!!!!. And our messega to you is that Camping besties christmas ornaments As sooon as get out from our sweet AFGHANISTAN.. Uncle Joe!!! So glad to have you as our President elect!!! You have already done better than 45. Your compassion and empathy for people, not just American citizens is awesome!!!. My son was born on Obama’s inauguration (a very wonderful day) and we’re so happy that his 12th birthday will be so special with Joe Biden’s inauguration. . Thank you for caring. Can’t wait to have you in office to get this thing under control!. If people dont wear it my son is 24 and has an underlying disease I am 60 and I have the same underlying disease Addison’s if after a while people don’t listen can you please mandate the whole US states to wear a mask if they don’t do it on their own

Camping besties christmas ornaments

Hunter Downs. Jairo Jair Ramirez. https://freebeacon.com//u-s-withdraws-from-open-skies…/
U.S. Withdraws From Open Skies Treaty – Washington Free Beacon. Welcome to the Real Magic Of love spell Specialist. TRUMP TO SYDNEY POWELL
Pause GIF. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv_FTL_zQXA
$2 An Hour To Move Dead COVID Victims. On 9/11, nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives. Almost the entire government and travel were changed. Were losing that many people to Covid every three days, and some people won’t wear a mask to make a dent in it.. WHY NO COVERAGE ON FOX NEWS, NEWSMAX, OANN OF TRUMP DISAVOWING SYDNEY POWELL FROM LEGAL TEAM?. HANNITY IS PISSING HIS PANTS
Play GIF. i despise kristin fisher she joins despised donna brazille & juan williams will never join fox nation as long as those 2 at network. Nice. “Trump 20…Oh wait never mind”
Play GIF. The one who have the biggest energy sources. can crate the most jobs. and the US have it. china import it. Why not use it. rebuild manufacturing jobs in US , intend of letting, the small greedy group make money in china

What’s up party people!. Boycott fake news on fox, they are officially backing Biden.. There once was a rich and powerful man. He ran for president of the United States. His fans loved him. He cheated in business . He cheated on his wife with porn stars and paid them for their silence. He bragged of grabbing womens privates because he w… . Nico Crisostomo
Trump blows and is the worst president in US history. Cry more Trumpers.
Pause GIF. Are you interested in jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon? After all the booms, bust, highs and lows, you may still be wondering should I invest in Bitcoin? Well if you’re willing to take a risk that would bring profit, then you should. I did, I invested… See More
Emiliano Vincente Da Silva. Looks like Fox News Facebook page is getting left with Neo Bolshevist Leftist And Foreign Anti American Trolls that are trying to destroy the Republic .

Is there no political parties for favour of American white and European whites. If not need it.
With voice no one care it. But it with a union there may be a strength and faith will also there.. Cesar Alvarez. https://lagrenews.blogspot.com//michigan-officially…
Michigan officially certifies Biden win as Melania prepares last White House Christmas. President Trump has done more than any President I have known. I have more respect for him than any man I hae seen in the White House. His legacy will live on and go forward. I like that he put America First and didnt want to lead from behind and try … . The Black Panther!!!!!!
God!!! Annunaki KINGS!!!!
eye of HORUS!!! Lordz!!! Planetary!!!! WARNING Do your JOB!!! Properly!!!! Hypocrite Crap
Sh#t!!!! evil WICKED
meric. Pelosi said, he would never get another term way before the election. This is how they did it.. Never did I think I would live to see something like this .

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