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Albert Einstein said then he does not know how the 3rd world war will take place but i can tell you that the 4th will be made with sticks and stones;,, Do you thing that one day excessive technology will destroy us or we we will just get tired and want… See More. Hey Bill Gates. It got universally shared healthcare info technology/data wrong. Sadly, most of our healthcare information is still stuck in silos. Still loved the book. Can’t believe its been 25 years!!!. Congratulations Bill Gates!WINNER of the award for the most terrible person on the planet 2020. Little Vickie, a persons ward robe means nothing if they`re comfortable with it! Now for Billie the Gate, you are so mixed up with all this countries rotted non news media, why would anyone take advice from you or buy a book that you wrote, that will … See More BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It's not a phase poster 3

With due respect, I want to say that in Croatia there is a negative opinion about Mr. Billy Getesu. Namely, it is a common opinion that Billy is the creator of a new world order with the aim of creating human robots in the function of capital.. This man thinks he works for himself. You will one day realize that the devil used you for his agenda.. That’s right, … because the microsft that you created and everything became simple … thanks to bill gate. The “internet” chapter was an after thought, it wasn’t in the first release. Yeah it has, you’ve become the modern day Himmler.. Thank you for your hard work and endeavors which have enriched all of our lives . I knew about the book in 99 saw it never bought. I regret it. Safaa Ibrahim. A word of wisdom.. that’s to tell you that Mr Bill still has a lot more to do in the world of computerization..because he still has a lot to do in his wardrobe. BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It’s not a phase poster

BW engine It's not a phase poster 2

I’m so sorry for your loss. But I thank you for everything you are doing to put the Alzheimer’s puzzle together so we don’t have to watch our loved ones suffer from it. My father has it and it is devastating.. Thanks for all the contributions. I have seing a lot of life differences from life from what some people call third world country to a first world country. Stress life, anheahtly eating and poor mental health.. Thank you for your input! My father died of Alzheimer as well. He was a doctor and a very smart man. His younger brother followed him a few years later with the same disease! So scary!. When you are given much, your responsibility to give back multiplies. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Gates for taking your roles in society so seriously. Your consistent, generous, faithful support of health projects benefit us all. From a grateful nation, thank… See More

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Joe Kaya. I still keep this book at home, even the pages turn yellow after 25 years. I cherish it because my book has Bill’s signature on it.. I don’t have enough money to access this visionary and inspired book. How are you going to help me alternatively?. A Good Day Ma’am Sir Gates. I need this visionary and inspired book but l don’t have money to access can you help me. Great humanitarians, him and his wife. They are out their trying to help. We all should try instead of doing nothing but complaining.. The Cult wants Technology to be connected to humans.. Thank you Mr Bill Gates for your constantly visionary thinking and actions for the past decades and its positive outcome on a global scale.. Glasses have improved though – Bill Watterson, Scott Adams and Bill Gates, the dorkiest looking people of 1990s.. Yes sir
I have brought a great change in my subject.

I wont inject myself with your vaccine which comes out with a mark. The bible says we must not take the mark of the beast.. Is there anyone in your group of donations they would like to donate between five and $10,000 for a bionic hero arm for my son who lost his left arm in a car accident in July. Nor has your lust for money and power and control despite the consequences for others.. That soundtrack . I just guess the funding for corona virus might hav come from Bill gates foundation to make every work from home like what he told in his book to make people used to the virtaul world for the business of gates to use their software/ products… Hello Bill, I would like to invite you to take a closer look at topics such as Super Antibiotics, Neuron Growth Factors, and Bioavailable High Molecular Weight Mimetics. I have just presented my work, which I hope brings the emergence of these groups o… See More
Pseudo complex compounds on biopolymers. High-molecular bioavailable substances, neuronal growth factors, super antibiotics.

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