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Merry Xmas from Italy. True that sweet girl! It’s all in the heart!. Merry Christmas, Zooey!. Poor Tom , about to suicide and yourself , enjoying Christmas…. Merry Christmas to you and the luckiest man on the planet!. Love the tinsel on the tree.. Merry Christmas Zooey!. Is that your fireplace?? SUPER cool. Merry Christmas, Zooey! . Merry Christmas Zooey!! From Cedar Rapids Iowa. Merry Christmas to the both of you Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket Pause GIF. So pretty. Merry Christmas. Your my princess!. Merry Christmas from Chicago!. Loved you in ELF. Merry Christmas Katy uuh Zoey uuh I dunno anymore XD. Merry Christmas Zooey!. Merry Christmas! watching elf right now with fam lol. I startEd my day by watching the Christmas episodes of New Girl!. Zooey you are so beautiful. Thanks Merry Christmas to you Zooey Deschanel. Merry Christmas, Zooey!. watching New Girl for the third time, great show. Did you get Des-Channel nó 5.?

Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket

Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket 3

LOVE her. Her heritage is amazing!!. It’s beautiful! As is your friendship. I lost my best friend/unbiological sister of 44 years in January. I hope you have many more years ahead of you.. She is always wearing cute clothes!!. So happy you two found each other!. How cool you get to do special projects with Jonathan. How many ppl can say they get to work with their besties?. I like the property brothers . How can we watch it in Spain ?. Lisa Ewing. You two work wonderful together!. Bring back the old Zooey who would cringe at reality TV.. sorry. Still adore you.. I need to know where you got that green jumper cause it’s CUTTTTEEEEEEEE. Can’t wait to see that episode. How cute are you two!! Will make sure to tune in!. saw the great show … btw , you & Jonathan make a great couple. Was it a “Nick fix” or a “fancy fix”? Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket

Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket

Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket 2

You have the most amazing angelic voice. I love it so much your a rockstar!. This movie has always held a special place in our family traditions, but using it for political purposes just took so much of that away. Why can’t this be done to help those in need instead of something that is already dividing us? Feed the hungry, pu… See More. Wish you had raised money for a worthy cause instead of those radicals (Warnock & Ossoff)!. Loved it! We are starting our annual Elf family movie night now!. We watched Elf tonight!. BTW you sound great without any studio magic!. Love the movie and this is one of my favorite scenes!! . Fabrine Klitgaard Sørensen elf reunion . Lovely voice Zooey!. looks like voter suppression to me let hollywood buy the votes stay outta georgia. And it’s cold outside!. I enjoy the movie i enjoy you and all of the cast. But i think the money you raised should go to help the people that are in need during Christmas During this pandemic. Not some dumb political crap.

Butterfly to my daughter i want you to know i love you your mom blanket 1

I watched this last night. All I can say is, what an awesome thing that you two girls have been best friends for all these years. You two are blessed to have each other. And what an incredible transformation on the house.. It was super neat to see Zoey interact with Jonathan and everyone else!!! Great job Zoey!! Awesome to have such a great “bestie” too…. Watching now, on a commercial break. Heartwarming. Love the show so much!. Found the She & Him CD! As suspected, it’s an ex-library copy and a tiny bit scuffed, can’t remember if I’ve had it on before now but it should hopefully be okay for this week and next.. Such cuties . Love this episode, loved seeing Zooey and Jonathan interacting together. You make a great couple. It was a pretty great show! Loved the BFF history!. So I just saw the movie YES MAN. I don’t want to sound weird but I fell for you in that movie. I know it’s only a movie, but you did a great job! May you be forever happy.

Dig that funky old arch top guitar! That probably came over on the Ark!. Lover her , but is that a four string guitar. Is anything you post not staged? Why can’t you post a pic of you at 530 going to the bathroom? Where’s the pictures taken by your twin husband where you attack the camera because you dont have make up? Its not believable Zooey. Its not believable.. What type of guitar is that?. That’s a frickin big guitar. That some special country music thingy?. good too see you… can i have tht guitar for christmas?. Great guitar oldie but goodie too!. Is that a giant 4 string uke?. I want that guitar… So when’s the album drop?. If the coke ain’t this white I don’t want it.. it’s amazing ,looks like an algerian women. U turn it on its side and chello it’s a bass. Where do I sign up?

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